We've reached the end of season four of Rookie Blue - the one that fans seem to either love or hate. That doesn't change with "You Can See The Stars." This finale is pretty much as polarizing as the rest of the season.

The action continues from last week's episode "Under Fire", with Oliver having been kidnapped by unhinged offender and assault victim Kevin Ford (returning guest star Michael Cram), who's pretty much obliterated any chance he had of resuming a normal life at this point. Ford has Oliver in the trunk of his own patrol car, and is driving it to who knows where.

Meanwhile, Sam is questioning Marlo about the last time she saw Ford, since she's Ford's least favorite person on the planet. As if on cue, that's when Nick calls Andy - who happens to be riding in the car with Sam and his girlfriend - and tells her about the wall in Marlo's basement that's all covered in Ford's business.

And Chloe is still in the hospital, where Dov finally tells her husband Wes (returning guest star Cle Bennett) that he and Chloe have been dating. Wes asks if it's serious and if Dov makes her happy, both questions that make Dov uncomfortable. But at least that's all out in the open now.

When they get back to 15 Division, Sam, Marlo and Andy are greeted by Kevin Ford's former lawyer, who claims he attacked her and tells them Ford suffered a severe traumatic brain injury, which may account for his unhinged behavior.  Resident tough guy Luke Callaghan (Eric Johnson) is back and in charge of the investigation, with Sam as his number-two man, leaning on Marlo for everything she knows about Ford. Steve Peck (returning guest star Adam Macdonald) is still around, too. So at least all the cool kids have been brought back for this last get-together.

It's not long before everyone realizes that Ford is not only their sniper from last week but also a kidnapper. After Andy asks where Oliver is, she and Sam discover that both Oliver and his patrol car are missing, while Luke and Traci find Ford's hit list, which amounts to everyone in 15 Division other than Frank and Noelle. Sam, Andy and Frank promptly join them, with Frank wanting to bench anyone on the hit list, but not before everyone enjoys Marlo's wall of Ford. This forces Sam and Andy to reveal that Marlo is bipolar. Luke becomes very, very bitchy and leaves before he punches someone.

At the hospital, the guys are told that Chloe needs another surgery to remove a blood clot, which is of course suitably dangerous given that this is the finale.

After Andy does a really bad job of breaking the news of Oliver's kidnapping to Celery (Emily Hampshire), there's an awkward team huddle and then Traci and Luke interview Ford's brother, who reaffirms everything we've been told about Ford "losing it" and 15 Division contributing to that decline.

Then we cut to Oliver coming to in an abandoned building, where Ford blames him for his assault in "Deception", saying that the cops put the angry neighbor up to it because Marlo has it out for him - because every bad guy who kidnaps a good guy usually has some scene where he or she rants about their motivations and/or manifesto.