Season 3, Episode 8: Romantic indiscretions and entanglements are the focus of this week’s episode of Drop Dead Diva and ends up a battle of “He said, She said”.

Jane arrives to work to find out she was late for the morning staff meeting, so Terri gives her a peace offering to get on Parker’s good side his favorite sandwich. Jane decides to apologize to Parker in purpose and walks in on Bobbie and him in a compromising position.  Jane is shocked and horrified and decides to take a breather on the balcony.

Fred finds Jane on the balcony and she flips out at him. She tells him she has had to deal with enough as Jane; she lost her identity, her fiancé, her life, and job and has a new body. Now her mom a.k.a Deb’s mom is sleeping with Parker.  Intent on continuing to vent, Jane goes on to Fred who tries to reason with and console her until Terri interrupts with an emergency.

Kim is shocked to see her niece in the office, where she knows her high-maintenance sister isn’t far behind and she was right. Jenna says she hasn’t come for a visit she needs Kim’s help. Jenna tells Kim she’s getting a divorce, but the proceedings are stalled because her husband won’t give her what she wants. The case is in binding arbitration and she wants they both want to resolve the issue because her husband is scheduled to get married in just a few days. Kim tells her she’ll see what she can do.

Jane goes back to her office, where Terri tells her that a she got a frantic call from a teenage girl named Mia Dalton who is in a hotel room and needs her help. Jane rushes over there to see what the commotion is about. 

Jane arrives at the Belmont Hotel to find Hammet University cheerleader Mia Dalton who with the help of a friend has the school’s Quarterback Vince Adams tied to the bed. Mia tells Jane her and her friend coerced Vince to come their so they could get his confession on tape, admitting that he raped her and hands her camera to Jane. Jane agrees to help.

Vince calls Mia a “crazy b**ch” and says he only admit he raped after she tied him to the bed and forced him to confess on camera or she wouldn’t let him go.

Once Vince is released from the hotel room, Jane meets with Mia and her friend back at the office and Jane asks her if she reported the rape to the school. Mia tells her she reported it to the school’s campus police and got a full physical exam, but the school ignored the evidence even after promising a full investigation but never pursued one.  Mia and her friend admit to Jane that they felt they had no other choice, but to lure Adams there by flirting with him and coercing a confession out of him.  Jane tells them because it was coerced the confession is not admissible in court.  Grayson hears about Jane’s case, and decides to chime in. He says he can’t believe this is true? He tells Jane that Hammet University is his law school alma mater and Jane and Grayson over whether the girls should accept a deal from the D.A.

The University takes sports seriously and protecting its players even more. The university gives favorable treatment to its football players and the D.A agrees to drop all charges against the girls in exchange for destroying the tape with Vince confession.  Not wanting to go to jail and not finding any other way out Mia agrees to give them the tape.  However, Jane refuses to back down against what she feels is a miscarriage of justice.  Even though Adams got away with rape, she is not going to let the school get out of it by covering it up.  Jane tells Mia she wants to sue the school for negligence, covering up the crime and not protecting all their students equally and she agrees.

Kim meets with Jenna Jenna’s husband Doug and his lawyer to finalize a divorce settlement.  Doug’s lawyer tells Kim that her client is jealous that he’s getting remarried but Kim disagrees. Kim tells him that it’s due to the fact that his client lied about his assets and stocks he had never disclosing them when trying to come up with a settlement. His lawyer tells them he only realized about the stock a few months ago and it was only $500.

Back at the office, Jane and Grayson’s friendship is tested when Grayson reams Jane out for suing his alma mater. Their feud gets to all time high when they make a scene in front of everyone in the office. Jane asks Grayson what’s more important to him, a school he attended over then years ago or protecting a girl who was date raped. Jane is outraged and can’t believe he’s willing to defend a school that would cover up a rape.

Kim manages to reopen Jenna’s binding arbitration case by accusing Doug of fraud. Once the case, is re-opened however, Kim learns that they only thing her sister wanted is her husband’s heirloom family clock.  Jenna says she refuses to sign the agreement unless she gets the clock and Doug reluctantly agrees because his fiancé refuses to postpone the wedding.

The next morning, Bobbi meets with Jane and they discuss her relationship with Parker and about Deb. Bobbi tells her she’s really happy with Parker and Jane says she’s happy for her and then Bobbi leaves to meet Parker for lunch. However, Later Jane gets concerned after talking with Parker who says he plans to break-up with Bobbi.  Distressed and not wanting Bobbi to get hurt, she tries to find a way to get Bobbi to break up with Parker before he can break up with her. After talking to Stacy, she decides to tell Bobbi something that she knows will be a deal-breaker so she tells her Parker’s an avid hunter since Bobbi’s a member of Peta. Later, Parker tells Jane he wants to talk to her about yesterday.

Jane goes to his office, thinking he is going to want to talk about Bobbi, but he says he wants to talk about her and Grayson.  He says he wants her to apologize to Grayson, it’s not good for the firm or their friendship and Jane agrees. 

Jane arrives at Grayson’s office to find him talking to the opposition and tells him to stay the hell out of her case. Later, Grayson finds her and says he had a change of heart and was talking to the University’s lawyer to find out information and find out where they were coming from and after talking to them realized they were hiding something.  He apologizes to Jane for fighting with her and asks to be second chair on her case. He says there is a difference between school spirit and blind allegiance.  Jane gladly agrees and they go work on their case.

Also at the office, Jenna stops by to pick up the clock from Kim.  She tells Kim the real reason behind wanting the coveted heirloom; she tells Kim that unbeknownst to Doug, his great-grandmother hid a pouch of diamonds inside to protect the women in the family in case there were any problems with the men in the family. Since Doug’s great-grandmother didn’t have any daughter’s she shared-the secret with Jenna.  Jenna takes the diamonds leaving the clock behind.

Jane gets a breakthrough in her case, when they discover that Vince is recording his conquests and rating them according to his Jersey number from 1-12. He has been posting a number and link related to his sexual conquests on his Twitter feed.  Fred then further strengthens Jane’s case when he finds an Easter egg in the link that opens up videos of all his sexual counters with Mia Dalton’s among them.  Grayson decides to confront Vince with this in court.

Elsewhere, Kim surprises Doug by showing up at his house to return the family clock. She confronts Doug saying that she knows he’s lying and why he wanted the clock, he switched the diamond in the clock with quartz knowing Jenna wouldn’t know the difference but she does.  Doug says he was just protecting his daughter’s and their future he was saving the diamonds for them, and Kim tells him that’s all Jenna wanted to that’s why she drew up a trust to ensure that and Doug signs it guaranteeing their shared wish.

In court, Grayson surprises Vince on the stand when he tells him, that the school backs up all school issued computers including the laptop he destroyed and has copies of all the videos he made on the server. Before, Grayson has a chance to play the video Vince confesses and admits the university covered it up.

After a successful win, Jane and Grayson celebrate their win in court with a drink, when Bobbi sees Jane at the bar she tells her she broke up with Parker. She says she knew Parker was going to break up with her and was planning breaking up with him anyway. She tells Jane after she went to all that trouble to make up a story it made her think of Deb, because it was something she would do. The episode closes with Jane, Grayson and Bobbi raising their glasses in honor of Deb.