Roger Waters knew his questionable stance on the conflict between Palestinians and Jews would raise controversy on his ongoing "The Wall" concert tour - but insists he's not trying to start trouble.

Waters' fiancee has come to the rocker's defense after officials at the Anti-Defamation League in America criticized the former Pink Floyd star for his use of images including the Jewish Star of David and the U.S. dollar sign which are projected above the stage during the shows.

Organization director Abe Foxman claims Waters is using the imagery to comment on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and insists it could be seen as anti-Semitic.

But Waters' partner Laurie Durning is adamant the star did not mean to offend anyone with the backdrop, telling the New York Post, "This show is unapologetically anti-war, and we would really like to put a quick end to any possible rumors of it being in any way negative towards any group of people."

But Waters knew the images he's using on his tour would be controversial - in a Rolling Stone article published just before his hit the road earlier this month, the rocker was questioned about his imagery and the fact that some might construe images of the Star of David and dollar signs being dropped from a plane as anti-Jewish.

He told the publication, "There are huge, huge profits to be made from war, and that, by and large, is why they happen so often. This show is unashamedly about all those big questions.

"Some people think that people shouldn't use the platforms that they have because of their celebrity or success. I don't subscribe to that view at all."

But Waters stopped short of adding an essay to his tour in which his was planning to suggest Christianity, Judaism and Islam are equally invalid, stating, "The time has come to put aside the notion of an omnipotent presence."

He even asked Rolling Stone reporter Brian Hiatt if he thought he could "get away with this in a rock 'n' roll program". The journalist wrote, "He ultimately decided the answer was no - and cut the essay."