The last episode of 'At the Movies' - the weak step-sibling of what was once 'Siskel & Ebert' - aired in mid-August.  Now, according to Entertainment Weekly, Roger Ebert is apparently bringing the franchise back in early 2011 on PBS as 'Roger Ebert Presents 'At the Movies.''

The show will feature banter between NPR's critic Elvis Mitchell and the AP's Christy Lemire.  Ebert, whose voice is silenced from cancer and who still writes reviews for the Chicago Sun-Times, revealed on 'Oprah' last season he has developed a computerized voice to complement what he types.  That device will apparently be featured on the new show, as well as some of his written contributions.

Perhaps PBS will be a better venue than syndication, where 'At the Movies' had been languishing since Ebert was sidelined and Richard Roeper quit in 2008.

Gene Siskel - who developed the show with Ebert - died from a brain tumor in 1999.