So, the other day Rockstar revealed it's second Grand Theft Auto Five trailer, and let me tell you; “Wow.”

For those of you who haven't been keeping up with the news, GTA V will have not one, not two, but three (Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you heard me right) main characters (all of whom are freely playable at any time,) each with his own background, story, and motivations.

To briefly cover what the trailer showcases, we have Michael, a rich aging ex-mobster who is yearning for 'something more.' He lives the high life, though it is an empty, gilded one. From the looks of things, his skeletons (the background music is particularly fitting) are quickly coming back to haunt him and pull him right back down into the knitty-gritty of the criminal underground.

Then, there's the somewhat less well-put-together (and evidently completely strung-out) Trevor, whose nothing less than a certified psychopath. He's head of a drug trafficking cartel, and is significantly more dangerous than his hillbilly-esque appearance might imply. “I'll swing by and sign the contracts, just ignore the bodies” he says off-handedly early on in the trailer.

Franklin is a repo-man for a shady car dealership, who looks like he makes a pretty good (too good) living doing what he does. His marriage is in danger of compromise as well, and his methods of repossession – well they don't seem to be particularly orthodox.

The trailer of course featured a good deal of explosions and violence, but also showcased a good deal of humor, particularly in the quick scenes where Michael is interacting with his sons. The car chases look as good as ever, the city appears to be living and breathing, shootouts look cinematic and real, facial animations are lifelike and emotive, and the impressive physics engine from the previous installment of the series makes an appearance as cars explode, bodies roll and chaos ensues. Everything is turned up to the eleven: driving cars out of planes and jumping out of them to parachute to the ground, for instance, is evidently a possibility.

Just take a look:

If ANYONE had any doubts as to whether or not the series would continue to awe, inspire, innovate and push the envelope in a completely different direction, the newest trailer should lay all those fears to rest. Grand Theft Auto Five looks like it's going to offer it's most compelling story yet, while giving gamers a host of unique main characters to play with.

GTA V is set to release sometime mid-2013.