Is it weird to date your therapist?  That is the question that Robin (Cobie Smulders) and the rest of the gang wrestled with on an all new HIMYM.  

Kal Penn returned as Robin’s court appointed therapist, Kevin.  He said that he could not continue as Robin’s therapist because he was “moving to Alaska.”  When Robin later runs into Kevin, he admits that he ended it because he was attracted to her, and he was not allowed to date his patients.  Realizing that they are attracted to each other, Robin and Kevin continue to see each other while not calling it dating.

Meanwhile, Ted (Josh Radnor) was taking his intro to architecture class on a field trip.  He wanted to bring his class to the site of the new GNB building he is designing, but the foreman would not let his class on the site.  Ted moves on to bring his class to the current GNB building, where he runs into Barney (Neil Patrick Harris).

Barney was dealing with his own problem.  He believed that his girlfriend Nora (Nazanin Boniadi) was lying to her about her age, simply based on her detest of ewoks.  Barney’s theory was anyone under 36 loved the ewoks from the Star Wars movies because they reminded them of teddy bears.

Marshall (Jason Segel) was caught up in a problem of his own.  This the first time I can remember of four distinct storylines forming during a single episode.  Marshall had just started his new job at Harrison Cootes’ (Marin Short) environmental law firm.  He expressed to the gang his concern that Cootes’ had gone soft.  After Cootes accepted a bad settlement from a big company, Marshall decided to confront him.  Cootes says why should we fight when the world is already lost?

Ted decides to take his field trip back to his apartment, the place where he designed the original plans for the GNB building.  The whole class ends up walking in on Robin and Kevin making out.  Ted poses the question to his class:  Is it creepy to date your therapist?  Nearly the whole class agrees that it is.

Barney finds Nora and confronts her about her age.  “You think I’m 37?” she responds.  Barney relays his theory about ewoks.  She then says that she first saw the Star Wars movies last year.  Nora wasn’t lying to him, and his theory about ewoks remains intact.

Marshall goes to Coots and shows him a sonogram picture of his new baby.  He relays his feelings to him that there is still something to fight for.  Marshall goes in and gives his presentation to the representatives of the company that was polluting the waters in question.  Cootes then comes in and backs up Marshall, saying that they were rejecting their original settlement.  Marshall asks, “Where do we go now?”  “To war,” Cootes responds, “We go to war.”

Kevin arrives at his therapy office to find Robin already there.  Robin says that the reason this is weird is because she started in the chair and that if they spent a couple hours reversing the roles that it would set everything straight.  Kevin proceeds to spill his feelings about various things in front of Robin.  He says that all of that must have scared you.  Robin says that she’s going to have to end this… because she thinks he is cute.

So what do you think?  I still think it’s a little weird.  However, I do think it is somewhat less weird than hanging out with two of your exes all the time and pretending that everything is fine.  Perhaps this is already some of what was pointed out by Victoria going into motion.  Barney appears to be moving on from Robin with Nora.  Will Robin move on from Barney with Kevin?  What about Ted?

Next Monday HIMYM returns with “History vs. Mystery.”  The episode is written by Chuck Tathum, who has written a few Robin-centric episodes.  While Robin’s new relationship with Kevin is a big new part of the story, I have never been a big fan of episodes where Robin is main focus.  I am much more interested in what is happening with Barney and Nora, Lily’s pregnancy, Marshall’s new job, and of course Ted’s ongoing search for his perfect partner.

The legend continues Mondays at 8/7c on CBS.