Rob Zombie is entangled in a dispute over the noise from a skate park near his home in Connecticut.

The Massachusetts native and his wife, Sheri, have complained to local officials about the clamor from the park in Woodbury, which opened near the couple's home, and steps have now been taken to add soundproofing and shorten the hours of operation.

In June, Sheri addressed the issue during a neighborhood meeting, insisting the skate park "proved to be a significant noise pollutant" and she asked whether it could be moved.

Zombie has since moved to silence allegations the couple is unfairly targeting young skate fans, writing in a post on his Facebook page, "It seems nuts to even have to address this but I guess I will. Some really crazy articles have popped up making claims about 'hating skaters' and 'hating children'. None of this is true... There is a simple matter going on in which we are trying to find a solution that will make everybody happy."

Local official Jerry Stomski, who has been dealing with the issue, adds, "I know (the Zombies), I think they're really nice people. We're addressing them the same way that we do (any other) resident in town."