While promoting his new book "Love Life," actor Rob Lowe told Oprah Winfrey his thoughts about pop star Justin Bieber, for whom he has "tremendous empathy."

"He makes really good music, he does," Lowe said in the interview for "Oprah Prime." "But I think he knows the dark secret, and the dark secret is that 80 percent of his audience doesn't give a s**t about his music. He knows it. It bums him out."

Lowe, who knows what it's like to be a young heartthrob, added, "They care about lemming-think, and their girlfriends and who's oohing and ahhing. It has nothing to do with what he's doing as an artist.

"He is the guy who's standing in front at a moment when they're going through a developmental thing. It's natural, it's all great, but if it wasn't him, it'd be someone else, like it was me."

Lowe was lucky.  He was able to transform from a member of the 1980s "Brat Pack" and star in series such as "The West Wing," "Brothers & Sisters" and "Parks and Recreation."

The question is - will Bieber, 20, be able to maintain a successful career into adulthood?