Rising Star* Chris Masters: How many of us can actually say we could lift an object as heavy as a tree to save someone we love?

Apparently former WWE Star Chris Masters can, and that is why he is the rising star of the week.

Masters, whose birth name is Chris Mordetzky,  used his 6’5” and 265 pound frame to actually uproot a tree in order to save his mama who was trapped inside of her burning house. The story goes that apparently a deranged neighbor barricaded himself inside Chris’s mother; Diane Mordetsky’s home and refused to leave. When police threatened to break into the home, the loony-bin actually lit fire to the home, trapping Ms. Mordetsky inside. Chris, a proud mama’s boy, lifted the tree, broke down the window and was able to get inside and free his mother. All is well now, mother is safe and the neighbor was arrested.

Looks like Chris’s quick thinking, large biceps and super strength came in handy even outside of the ring. Hopefully this is a lesson learned to eat right and train hard; you never know when you are going to have to lift a tree to save your mom!

Go Chris!