Justice Birss ruled in Rihanna's favor after she sued a British retailer for selling a shirt with her face on it.

The judge, who said Rihanna "is regarded as a style icon by many people," ruled that plausible customers believed the sleeveless shirt in question was endorsed by the singer.

At one point, the shirt was referred to as "Rihanna Tank" on the website, but was later changed to "Icon Tank."  

The justice also wrote that while Topshop has other articles of clothing with celebrity faces, the retailer made light of a contest involving Rihanna and tweeted when Rihanna visited the store - which created an illusion that Rihanna was somehow involved.

The photo was taken from the video shoot for "We Found Love," which created buzz in the UK when a farmer objected to her taping her music video on his land after witnessing some of her risqué moves and clothing.

The justice concluded, "[Rihanna] is their style icon. Many will buy a product because they think she has approved of it." He was direct in saying his ruling did not affect the right for celebrities to have their pictures taken or published.