Opinion Column: Usually pitting women against one another is an unacceptable thing to do, but singers Rihanna and Beyonce' are so juicily night and day, even in the way they handle overzealous fans, we have to take notice.

Pop star, Rihanna, took a stroll with her security guard through a crowd at her concert this week in Birmingham.  It was reported that one fan grabbed the singer and would not let go.  When Rihanna attempted to walk away, the fan still had a grip on her arm and the 'Diamonds' singer turned around and bopped the fan on the head with her microphone to get away.  Good for Rihanna, for she didn't feel the need to be a "nice girl" with a person that violated her body.

Only a few weeks ago, Beyonce' was slapped on her derriere by a male fan and did not physically retaliate but did stop in the middle of her performance to address the culprit.  Not enough.  Sometimes Queen B can be too much into being seen like a "lady" in the wrong circumstances.  Some may expect more from a woman who feels comfortable spreading her legs on stage while her father sits in the front row.  When a person violates one's body isn't that the time to physically lash out?  Beyonce has security, too, doesn't she?

About a year ago, actor Daniel Craig of the 'Bond' franchise, was asked by a reporter, "Who would make a better 'Bond Girl,'Rihanna or Beyonce'."  He said, "Definitely Rihanna because she's dirtier."  The statement isn't anywhere near complimentary, but fans everywhere know exactly what he means by this.  Beyonce' can sometimes be a bore--not because she's not on Instagram showing her bare bottom or smoking blunts like her pop star counterpart, RiRi, but because she is obviously, continuously and overly concerned with what people are going to think about her actions.

Beyonce has said recently she wants to be more edgy.  After that statement came the raunchy photos in GQ Magazine early this year, which is still not what edgy means.  Aside from that, we've always seen half-naked photos of the singer, but these were even more sexually explicit.  Many of her fans would have loved to see Beyonce' bop her grabber on the head with a microphone.  Fans would have loved to see Beyonce' tell reporters to, "Kiss her ass," after the lip-sync controversy instead of giving them a special live performance to prove she could sing.  Those things would have been edgy.

Rihanna is one of the biggest pop stars in the world, not because she is a better singer and performer than her industry sister, Beyonce'.  It is because she is spontaneous; she is normal; she makes late-night trips to Starbucks, sometimes without her bodyguards; she does not mind being vulnerable in front of the world.