What happens when you put a kiwi and a brit together in a pub? One heck of a night and a terrible hangover for Ricky Gervais after painting the town red with Russell Crowe.

"Who am I getting drunk with at the moment?" Gervais humble-bragged on Twitter with a photo of himself and the Oscar-winning actor.

"Roger Moore?" Crowe guessed before deleting his tweet. That wouldn't be the first deleted post in the evening. At one point Ricky wrote, "I honestly haven’t been this drunk for ages. @russellcrowe is a terrible influence. Not just on me, but on the world," before removing it from his profile.

The next morning the actor wrote, "I feel a bit hungover this morning. And it’s all Noah’s fault :)." He later posted, "Amazing overindulgent night with the stealth artist @russellcrowe. We have to be brothers in a weird movie one day." Perhaps not to ruin a prospective film deal, Ricky deleted the second tweet.

Once the photos began to trend on social media, Russell wrote, "Heh heh, funny how a little bit of fun on twitter can get a frenzy going. I’m having a great day, hope you are too."