Pretty much every college student I know is familiar with Epic Rap Battles of History. For those of you who either A) live under a rock, B) are not college students or C) don't know how the internet works, we will enlighten you.

Epic Rap Battles of History (henceforth known as ERB) pits two historical/semihistorical/fictional characters from pop culture against each other in a fictitious 'rap battle' where the two (and sometimes more) parties verbally abuse each other to a meter. The crowd decides informally in the comments whose rhymes are stronger, and everyone with a decent sense of humor has a good laugh.

In the past, ERB has done battles such as 'Chuck Norris vs. Abe Lincoln', 'Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs' and a personal favorite, 'Darth Vader vs. Adolf Hitler.' Today marks probably one of the most high profile, pop culturally-relevant Rap Battle they have done this season - an AMC showdown between 'The Walking Dead' protagonist Rick Grimes and 'Breaking Bad' antihero, Walter White. Check it out.

Warning: Contains strong language and tightie-whities

And for good measure we'll include the Darth Vader vs. Hitler video, since yesterday was national Star Wars Day.

If that's not enough for you, you can find more Epic Rap Battles of History on their Youtube Channel, HERE.