Richard Gere is appalled that oppression is still very much part of Tibetan Buddhists' lives almost two decades after he captured the extent of China's occupation on camera.
The star and fervent Buddhist jetted to Seoul, Korea, on Wednesday to unveil a Tibet-themed photo exhibition entitled Pilgrim, which is compromised of over 60 snaps captured by Gere himself.
The actor took the heart-wrenching photographs during his 1993 trip to the area, and Gere is far from pleased to see the same unnecessary abuse and suffering he witnessed almost two decades ago - in both Tibet and China.
He tells the Korea Herald, "I think it's impossible to look at these photographs and not realize the extraordinary suffering of the Tibetan people...The same kind of torture and deaths in Chinese prisons in Tibet is still taking place today.
"Of course it's not only in Tibet. The Chinese communist government does it to their own people in China as well."