Character actor Harold Gould, best known for playing Rhoda Morgenstern's dad in 'Rhoda' and Rose's boyfriend Miles on 'The Golden Girls,' has died at age 86.  Gould died last Saturday of prostate cancer.

Over his career spanning approximately five decades, Gould made a name for himself as everyman types, and later father and grandfatherly roles.  Beginning in the early 60s, he made a slew of televison appearances, including in 'The Twilight Zone,' 'Gunsmoke,' and 'The Alfred Hitchcock Hour.'  He memorably portrayed Rhoda's father on 'Mary Tyler Moore' and reprised that role in Valerie Harper's successful spinoff 'Rhoda' from 1974-78. 

Gould also memorably portrayed Betty White's boyfriend Miles on 'The Golden Girls' throughout that show's successful run.

He also made his mark in the movies, including 'The Sting,' 'Silent Movie' and the Lindsay Lohan version of 'Freaky Friday' as her senile grandfather.  His most recent credits are a 2008 episode of 'Cold Case' and an episode of 'Nip/Tuck' that aired earlier this year.

Gould's kind and down-to-earth New York demeanor made for a memorable combination.  His easy-going personality seems to be a rarity in Hollywood these days.

He was nominated for five primetime Emmys, including an appearance on 'Rhoda.'

Gould is survived by his wife 60 years, his children and several grandchildren.