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33 Photos from the longest solar eclipse of the century! -

The 10 Types of Guys at the Party - College Candy

This week's crybaby musician? Trent Reznor - Gawker

Angelina Jolie's son Maddox has sunglasses worth more than your life - B&B

10 Craziest Competitive Eating Moments - Buzzfeed

American Idol's bikini girl Katrina Darrell is in a bikini (obviously). Bonus: eating a corn dog - Superficial

Megan Fox is a blow-up doll - On 205th

Lisa Rinna, 46, looks great in a biki-- OMG, shave those pits Lisa! - Celebrity Odor

Trend Alert: Actresses Over 40 Get Naked! - The Frisky

Meredith Vieira asks Al Roker what the weather's like in Africa (video) - Gawker

Quidditch - coming to a college campus near you - College Candy

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