A strong but flawed Revolution 2.9 last night, in which we see the nanites or nanotech that heal and kill on behalf of Aaron in the incarnation of a boy - a friend of Aaron's when both were boys in grammar school.

Fair enough - though the incarnation seems to trivialize or at least makes the nanites less mysterious, which is not a plus - but the nanites in the form of the boy also have something of a petty attitude. Aaron tells him and them to get lost. They come back to help Aaron kill Dr. Horn and all the pseudo-patriot soldiers. But when Aaron then pleads with the "boy" to once again heal Cynthia - who has been shot dead by Horn, after she was revived from the knifing - the boy throws a bit of a fit and refuses, leaving Aaron to mourn over Cynthia's body.   If this is the nanites' way of teaching Aaron a lesson, it won't be very effective.   Aaron will now likely move from not liking the nanites to hating them.

But the destruction of Horn and all the brutal patriots in the vicinity does have the advantage of saving Rachel and Miles, and Charlie and Monroe.   But Miles is sinking quickly from his infected crushed hand - the nanites could save him if they lose their attitude and try to be helpful.  Meanwhile, maybe I'm crazy, but I see a future in which Charlie and Monroe are a couple, despite Monroe having killed her brother last season.

And, as Revolution takes a pause after this Fall finale - to return in the Spring - it's good indeed to see Tom reunited with his wife, who I just knew all along was still alive.   The two are on a train, Hitchcock style, with their son, and all sorts of potentially dangerous characters.   One thing is clear: wherever the train is now headed, it will eventually get out West for a reunion with Rachel, Aaron, and the gang.  Or maybe they'll all come East.   Either way, things are beginning to come together on Revolution.