Well, Zeljko Ivanek, who's specialty is playing oldster cerebral creepsters, usually working for the government or in some position of administrative power, has made his way to Revolution in just such a role.  We saw a bit of him last week, but in this episode 2.7 he's on the scene in full force, using the weight of his vicious intellect to identify and get in tow the firestarter - that is, Aaron.

The other major character is Rachel's father, the not-so-good Dr. Gene Porter.  Last week, it looked like he was the patriots' mole.  We learn that for sure, and Stephen Collins puts in a good performance as the tortured doctor who made a deal with the devil - the patriots - in order to keep bringing medicine to the town.

His reluctant treachery might have done Aaron in - or at least seen him taken into custody by the neo-Nazi USA - but, after all, he's Aaron, with his super Heroes-like power (hey, Zejko was on that show, too), so it was completely predictable that when pressed to the wall (actually, it was to the ground), Aaron would set his would-be captors ablaze.   But it was good to see Monroe step up, after all the trouble that Rachel went through to save his life.

So now Zeljko - that's a much cooler name than whatever his character is called on Revolution - has more reason than ever to twist the doctor's arm and find Aaron.  But, again, isn't Zeljko worried that Aaron will set him ablaze, with his control of the nanites - or does Zeljko have a way of neutralizing Aaron's power?  Not likely, since he apparently is not even super clear yet on what that power is, though he has a pretty good idea.

Back East, there's no talk of firestarting powers at all, but Tom and his son seem reunited, and back on the trail of high officials in the dictatorial new US of A.  I have a feeling, though, that Tom's pursuit of revenge will run into the one thing that will stop it - his wife, who's probably still alive, and, it just occurs to me, may be a high official in the patriots herself.  At very least, it will be good to see Kim Raver (who plays Tom's wife) and Zejko in a scene together, though will take some doing, since they're now in different parts of the country.  They were both in 24, but in different seasons.

Good plot possibilities, good science fiction, bring it on.