'Rabbit Hole,' directed by John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig and the Angry Inch) is written by acclaimed playwright David Lindsay-Abaire.  He adapted the script from his Pultzer Prize winning play of the same name.  The film stars Nicole Kidman as Becca Corbet and Aaron Eckhardt as her husband, Howie.  The Corbett family's safe and comfortable suburban world has been turned upside down. Eight months ago, their six year old son was killed in an accident.  They are both fighting, in different ways. to regain their life in the face of tragedy. Becca finds pain in the familiar, while Howie finds comfort.   Helping them along the way is Sondra Oh, as a pot smoking member of a Loss group Becca and Howie join, as well as Becca's mother,  Dianne Wiest...She too has experienced the death of a child. As always Ms. Wiest gives a pitch perfect performance.  Even Becca's pregnant sister, Izzy(Valerie Blanchard) tries to help.  Although her pregnancy couldn't have come at a worse time for Becca. 'Rabbit Hole' is not what you would call an entertaining film.  This is a film about grief, overcoming pain and most importantly...forgiveness.  The best part of 'Rabbit Hole' is when Becca meets Jason, the teenager who hit and killed her son, with his car, when the boy bolted into the street after the family dog.  These two people develop a very unique and very touching friendship.  The 'Two Jews On Film have different opinions (for a change) about 'Rabbit Hole'. So let us know who you agree with.  Opens in theaters Friday, December 17, 2010.