Two Jews on Film - By Joan Alperin-Schwartz: Mavis Gary, (Charlize Theron) 37, has a very pretty face and very pretty hair...except for the bald spot on the back of her head...Seems Mavis has a nasty little habit of pulling out her hair, whenever the mood strikes her.

She also has a high-rise apartment overlooking the Minneapolis skyline and an adorable Pomeranian (are there any other kind) named Dolce.

Mavis is a writer of a once popular series of Young Adult, aka teenage books featuring, a girl named Kendra. The series is coming to an end...that is if Mavis can ever finish the last and final book.  Well, you can't really blame the lady for being distracted.

Mavis has just gotten an email announcing the birth of a baby...And it's not just any baby. This one belongs to her high school boyfriend of four years, Buddy Slade, (Patrick Wilson)...The love of her life. What's he doing having a baby with another woman?

Buddy Slade is supposed to be with her.  They are meant to be together. So, there's only one thing left for Mavis to do...

Grab the dog, her laptop, a big bottle of coca-cola, jump into her little car and head back home to Geary, Minnesota...where she and Buddy will reunite and sail off into the sunset.

However, when she arrives in Geary, Mavis gets a few surprises.

One of them is, Matt Freehauf, (Patton Oswalt) A guy she ignored in high school, even though their lockers were next to each other.  

Matt is as damaged as Mavis...Both of them are locked in the past but for different reasons. It's through this unexpected friendship, as well as her reunion with Buddy and his new bride, (Elizabeth Reasor) that sends Mavis on a journey of self-discovery, that allows her to see, that just maybe, the glory days of high school, weren't all that glorious, after all.  

Mavis is a complex, sad, lonely, funny, outrageous woman and Miss Theron nails every aspect of this character. Come Oscar time, I'd be very surprised if she didn't find her name in the best actress category.

Diablo Cody has written a beautiful, quirky film about the choices a person makes and sometimes, even when we're all grown up, we can still be a young adult.  

I gave 'Young Adult' which opens in theaters, Friday December 9, 2011, a very high bagel score.  Check out our video, to see what John thought about this movie.  Hint:  Once again, the 'Two Jews on Film' did not agree...not completely anyway.