"Nowhere Boy" is the extraordinary story of John Lennon's childhood. The film is directed by Sam Taylor Wood and written by Matt Greenhaugh.  The cast, except for Kristin Scott Thomas are mostly unknown this side of the globe.  But they all do an excellent job. Aaron Johnson plays John Lennon, Sam Bell portrays a young George Harrison and Thomas Sangstein gives a killer performance as a teenage Paul McCartney.

"Nowhere Boy" takes us on a fascinating journey through Lennon's teenage years.  We see all the pain that inspired him to write some of his greatest songs..  He rides his bike past Strawberry Fields, his headmaster tells him he's going nowhere and a girl calls him a loser.  But most importantly "Nowhere Boy" is the story of how Lennon makes peace with the two most important women in his life.  His aunt Mimi who raised him and his manic depressive mother, Julia who was forced to abandoned him when he was just a toddler. "Nowhere Boy" is definitely worthy of a multi bagel rating...from one of 'The Two Jews' anyway. Go see the film and judge for yourself. 

It opens in theaters Friday, October 8, 2010.