'The Fighter' directed by David O. Russell (The Three Kings) takes place in the blue collar neighborhoods of Lowell Massachusetts.  The year is 1993.  This is the true story of boxer Mickey Ward (MarkWahlberg) and his relationship with his half brother, former professional boxer and crack addict, Dickie Ecklund...played by the extraordinary Christian Bale.  Mickey idolizes his brother, Dickie.  Dickie's claim to fame is that he once knocked down Sugar Ray Leonard in the ring...Although some say...Sugar Ray slipped.  Dickie is self destructing fast and Mickey must make a choice...to go down with him or to break away, not only from his brother but from his family, ruled by his overbearing, self absorbed, mother/manager Alice...(the exceptional Melissa Leo)  'The Fighter' isn't just another 'Rocky'.  

Mickey's fight takes place both in and out of the ring.  He has to fight to be seen.  Helping him along the way, is his girlfriend, college drop out, bartender,  Charlene (Amy Adams).  One of the funniest scenes in the film is when Mickey's mother and his seven sisters charge over to Charlene's house to confront her.  'The Fighter' is definitely about boxing,..but the unglamorous world of boxing.  The gyms are dirty and you can almost smell the sweat. 'The Fighter' is intense, funny, touching and in the end, it's about family, sacrifice and ultimately the courage it takes to go after your dreams.  Come Oscar time, Melissa Leo and Christian Bale will surely garner nominations in the Best Actress and Actor category.  'The Two Jews On Film' give this film 8 1/2 bagels out of 10.  Don't miss it.  Opens in theaters, Friday, December 2010.