Two Jews on Film - By Joan Alperin-Schwartz: Sarah (Nicole Kidman) an architect has a beautiful house, a beautiful face, and a beautiful daughter, but she's unhappy. We know this by her reaction, when hubby Kyle (Nicholas Cage) tells her, he has to meet a client and won't be able to eat the delicious dinner she's prepared.  He doesn't even have time for the glass of wine Sarah offers him.

Well, someone has to pay for the sprawling, modern, glass home Sarah's designed.  Lucky for her, Kyle is a very successful diamond dealer.

Adding to Sarah's discontent is her daughter, Avery (Liana Liberato).  When Sarah brings her a tray of food, Avery refuses to open her door.  She's pissed that her mom won't let her go out and party...

Poor Sarah...could it be her cooking?

Sarah is ready to spend a lonely evening at home...But before Kyle can jump into his Porsche and speed away, two police officers appear at their front door.  They trick Kyle into letting them in.  Of course, if he didn't, there wouldn't be a movie. 

It's no surprise, that the cops aren't really cops. Turns out they're super violent, sadistic, bad-ass dudes that want Kyle's diamonds. And they want them ASAP.    Unfortunately for them, and for Kyle's family, he has a very different plan for his gems...and they don't include...opening his safe.

What lifts this very familiar story slightly above the norm...are the plot twists/back-story that slowly gets revealed as Kyle enters a game of will with these not-so-jolly home invaders.  Of course, this game could get Avery and Sarah killed, but what the hell...A guy has to try, right?

There are some clever, interesting moments in 'Trespass' but as I was watching it, I kept wondering...why the talents of Joel Schumacher (director) Nicole Kidman and Nicholas Cage got involved with this project.

Because 'Trespass' has a plot I've seen many times before, I couldn't award it a lot of bagels.  John gave it a lesser score than I did...but that's to be expected.  He's so unforgiving.

'Trespass' opens in theaters, Friday October 14, 2011.  You can also see it  without having to pay for parking and popcorn.  Just use your remote and go to VOD.