By Joan Alperin-Schwartz: Summer has begun...The days are hot, the beaches are crowded studios are competing to see who can make the most expensive films, filled with over the top special effects and over the top cartoon Super Heroes...who always save the world and always in 3D.


We have Mechanical Men, Green Men, Mutant Men, Super Human Men, and Super Stupid Men who would the real world...get the girl...any girl.

How refreshing it is, when a film comes along that doesn't have any of the above. What it does a story filled with great tension, complex dark characters, and clever twists at every turn.  

'The Perfect Host' written and directed by first time Australian filmmaker. Nick Tomnay, is that kind of a film.

John Taylor (Clayne Crawford) is a thief who is having a very bad day.  He knocked over a bank and made off with $300,000.  John thinks he pulled off the perfect crime, but soon finds out...that is so not the case.

Not only do the cops quickly figure out John's identity, but they discover the make, model and license number of the car he's driving.  John's forced to abandon his vehicle and walk...Problem is...John has seriously injured his foot and it's bleeding badly.

To make matters worse, John's description is being broadcast by every news outlet in the city.  John needs to get off the streets and fast.

Luckily, John bluffs his way into the house of Mr. Warwick Wilson (David Hyde Pierce) who is in the midst of preparing for an elegant dinner party. Even though Warwick's guests will be arriving within the hour, he offers John a glass of wine and tells him to make himself at home.  Afterall, Warwick is 'the perfect host'.  He even invites John to stay for dinner.  Warwick assures John that his friends will love him...especially his best friend...who just happens to be the District Attorney.

Unfortunately for Warwick, he soon discovers John's true identity.  John has no choice but to tie Warwick up and threaten him with a very big knife.  He needs for his trusting host to know that he's a bad ass dude who will do whatever it takes to stay out of prison...even murder.

 When it looks like John's about to end him...Warwick shouts...'You can't kill me...I'm having a dinner party'.

''The Perfect Host' is the ultimate 'cat and mouse' game.  David Hyde Pierce and Clayne Crawford play off of each other beautifully.  The film is funny, scary, tense and one...that will continue to surprise you...right up to the end.

The Perfect Host' opens in select theaters Friday, July 1, 2011.