'The Mechanic' directed by Simon West stars Jason Statham as Arthur Bishop, a 'mechanic' - an elite assassin with a strict code and an unique talent for cleanly eliminating targets.  It's a job that requires professional perfection and total detachment and Bishop is the best in the business.

When he's tricked into killing his close friend and mentor Harry (Donald Sutherland) Bishop's world is very quickly turned upside down.  Harry's son, Steve (Ben Foster)  approaches Bishop and talks him into mentoring him...He wants Bishop to teach him everything he knows so he can become an assassin and avenge his father's death. He has no clue that Bishop is the man that killed Harry.  Against his better judgement Bishop agrees and starts to teach Steve the tricks of the trade.  Steve is everything Bishop is not...impulsive and sloppy.  But the two men soon form a bond and we follow them as they track down and kill one man after another until they reach their ultimate goal...avenging Harry's death.

Tony Goldwyn plays Dean Sanderson, the head of the agency that employs Bishop.  'The Mechanic' is a remake of the 1970's film with the same name that starred Charles Bronson.  This is a  super violent film.  The stunts are good, but it's a story that you've seen many many times before. You can see the twist coming a mile away.  It's for that reason, 'The Two Jews On Film' awarded 'The Mechanic' a very low bagel score.

Opens in theaters, Friday January 28, 2011.