I was really expecting not to like this film.  I thought it would be the same old Vince Vaughn comedy that I've seen hundreds of times before and frankly I wasn't all that crazy about going.

So I was really surprised, when I found myself laughing aloud.  'The Internship' is a really funny, clever and even a touching film; filled with endearing characters and a theme that everyone (no matter what your age) will be able to relate to. It's never too late to go after your dreams, unless, of course, you're 80 years old and want to be an astronaut or prima ballerina.
But that's not the case in this film.  Vince Vaughn plays Billy McMahon, a high energy, verbally dexterous salesman.  Along with his partner and BFF, Nick Campbell, a master at soft spoken persuasion, these two can sell anything to anyone.

Unfortunately, thanks to the digital world, their ways are coming to an end.

In fact when we meet them, Nick and Billy are informed by a client they're trying to sell watches to, that their company has closed down.  "Who needs watches when you have a computer to tell you the time," says their boss, John Goodman.

With no job prospects in sight, Billy and Nick find themselves in a situation that a lot of people in the 40's and 50's face - how to reinvent yourself to fit into this new ever changing digital world?

Luckily, Billy discovers that Google is looking for interns and against all odds, they get accepted into the Google intern program.  

Here's where the movie becomes a "fish out of water" story. All the other interns are under 20 and they are super brilliant, especially when it comes to technology. Something our boys are not.  Plus only one team of Nooglers (interns) gets to become Googlers (Google's paid employees).

When the interns are put through a series of tests, Billy and Nick must draw upon their crackerjack salesmanship skills, their life experiences and swagger to lead their team to victory.  

"The Internship" written by Vince Vaughan and Jared Stern ('The Watch') and directed by Shawn Levy ('Night At The Museum')  is filled with a wonderful cast of characters, including, Rose Byrne as Dana Sims, a career focused high achieving Google executive/love interst for Wilson and  Josh Gad, (Headphones) a silent mentor.

I found 'The Internship' which opens in theatres, Friday June 7th, 2013 to be a very entertaining, hillarious, uplifting film for all ages.  For that reason, I gave it 4 bagels out of 5.  

Of course once again, The Two Jews On Film are split. Check out our video to see what John thought about this movie and for his bagel rating.

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