Do we control our destiny or do unseen forces manipulate us?  That is the question 'The Adjustment Bureau' asks.  The film is based loosely on a short story by Philip K. Dick and is directed and written by George Nolfi (co-writer of The Bourne Ultimatum).

Matt Damon plays ambitious New York politician, David Norris. David's just about to become the next Senator from New York, when a photo of him mooning a group of people, is brought to light.  David loses the election but winds up meeting a beautiful ballet dancer (Emily blunt) in a Men's Room and...Yes it's love at first sight for both of them.

But before David and the hot ballerina can even go out on a first date, a pair of mysterious men (Anthony Mackie & John Slattery) dressed in tailored suits and wearing bowler hats intervene...They kidnap David, take him to a huge garage and handcuff him to a chair.  They explain to David that he can never see Elise again...because she's not part of the plan.  The men also inform David that if he tells anyone of their existence, they'll call in their goon squad and turn his brain to mush.

For the next three years, David obeys these men in suits and hats, but he hasn't been able to get Elise out of his mind or heart.  And as fate would have it, David and Elise meet again.  This time he won't let her go. This does not sit well with the men of The Adjustment Bureau.   They are determined to split the couple apart...this time for good.  But after chasing David and Elise throughout the city, going in and out of way too many doors, putting up obstacle after obstacle to no avail, the men realize they need help...It's time to bring in...The Dark Destroyer...aka...Mr.Thompson, (Terrance Stamp)...a man who is very high up in the chain of command.

Now facing overwhelming odds, David must either let go of the woman he loves and accept his predetermined path..or risk everything to defy Fate, go against The Adjustment Bureau, and its Chairman (as the men like to call him) in order to be with his soul mate.

Now the problem with this film is that it's one big hodge podge of styles.  From the trailer, I expected to see a SciFi thriller...This was anything but that...'The Adjustment Bureau' is part message movie, part romantic fantasy and part farcical comedy.  Its heavy handiness is really apparent when Thompson tells David that we (The Gods?)gave you The Roman Empire, The Renaissance and The Age Of Enlightenment.  When we allowed you humans free will, you gave us World War 1 and 2, Fascism, The Great Depression, and now you're on the brink of destroying the Earth. So we need to take back your free will.      

The 'Two Jews On Film' actually agree that The Adjustment Bureau' needs one big adjustment. We did not award this film a lot of bagels.  The film opens in theaters, Friday March 4, 2011.