Two Jews on Film - By Joan Alperin Schwartz - You are a Hollywood screenwriter.  You have a hot wife and a hot Jag.  You move to your wife's hometown in the Deep South after her father's death.  It's filled with God fearing, Bambi killing, football addicted, good ole Southern boys.  Do you really think you'll live happily ever after?

David Sumner (James Marsden) and his actress wife Amy (Kate Bosworth) move to her father's house so David can get some quiet and solitude to complete the World War 2 screenplay he's working on. But all is not as bucolic as it seems in Blackwater, Mississippi...Is it ever?

Once there, Amy slips back into being the hometown celebrity (see what starring in a TV show can do) which leaves poor David feeling out of touch with his wife and questioning her behavior.

David, trying to be a nice guy, hires Amy's ex-boyfriend, Charlie (the super hot, Alexander Skarsgard, from 'True Blood') to replace the roof on their barn.  

Charlie brings along his crew of red neck mutants who happen to be his former football teammates.  When they start to walk into the main house and help themselves to beer, things start to get tense between David and the homies.  It also doesn't help that Amy runs around braless and in tight short, shorts, in front of the guys. 

Adding to the mix is Tom Heddon, aka Coach  (James Woods) He spends his time at the local bar pissed off at everything and everyone...The Coach's biggest target is Jeremy Niles (Cominic Purcell) a mentally challenged guy in his 30's, who apparently likes to keep company with the younger generation...including the Coach's 15 year old daughter.

When she goes missing, Coach takes the law into his own hands, enlisting Charlie and his boys to help him search for her.  This sets into motion a series of events that ultimately leads to an explosively violent confrontation, escalating to a shocking climax that will change certain lives forever.

'Straw Dogs' directed by Rod Lurie is a remake of the Sam Peckinpah classic film of the same name. Peckinpah's 1971 film starred Dustin Hoffman and Susan George.  Both films are based on the novel, 'The Siege at Trencher's Farm' by Gordon Williams.  As in the original film, Lurie's film has the same scary intensity and shows the psychological and physical terror that man is capable of toward one another.  

The theme is basically the same in both films.  How far would you go when everything you've lived for is under siege? Can you become a warrior?

Yes, 'Straw Dogs' is super violent but every scene held my attention and I went on the trip.  Of course, John had a totally different opinion of the film.  Check out our video to see what he thought of Lurie's remake.

'Straw Dogs' opens in theaters, Friday September 16, 2011.