"Stargate SG-1" is one of the most successful science fiction series of all time, stretching over various different industries: movie, television, book, and toy. There are some that claim it has surpassed even "Star Trek" in popularity. Based off the movie "Stargate," it boasted five seasons on Showtime and the remaining five seasons on the Sci-Fi Channel. It spawned one spin off series "Stargate Atlantis" and now two made-for-tv movies. The newest one, "Stargate Continuum" was released on July 29, just a few days after the San Diego Comic Con in which it was premiered and given its own panel.

This movie brings together the last cast of "Stargate SG-1" and featured the return of the original lead, Richard Dean Anderson, as Jack O'Neill. The movie's plot surrounds a villain named Ba'al who travels back in time and manages to massacre the crew who is responsible for bringing the Stargate. In the present day, people and objects begin disappearing, including beloved character Teal'c. While an alternate timeline is created, the SG-1 unit have to find a way to turn things back the way it was to save their friends and the world as they knew it.

The "Stargate SG-1" panel at Comic Con included the major actors and writers of the film: Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Ben Browder, Michael Shanks, Christopher Judge, Beau Bridges, Brad Wright, and Martin Wood. A trailer for the movie was shown, and then the floor was opened quickly to questions.

Tapping was sporting long curly brown hair due to her new show "Sanctuary." Shanks will be in several episodes of "Burn Notice," Bridges is now in "My Name is Earl," and Judge promised a project in the works for the future. Anderson was hilarious the entire panel and seemed right at home in this environment, even though this was his first comic convention. He basked in the love of his fans, and the cast shared some personal stories from the movie filming, including the difficult shooting in the Arctic. The cast shared their favorite episodes of the television show, which seemed overwhelmingly to be "Heroes" and "200."

Writer Wright revealed that there would be more upcoming movies and the Stargate universe is far from closed. This is no doubt very exciting to fans of the long series, since an eleventh season was not renewed. The cast were warm, friendly, and very familial toward one another, as one would expect after ten years of working side by side!

The next day at Comic Con, Saturday the 26, "Battlestar Galactica" took the stage following the heels of "Dollhouse." This was one of the most popular and anticipated panels of the entire event, perhaps due to the critical acclaim and cult following of the show, but also because this is the last season. There are only ten episodes left of the fourth season, and it will complete this brutal adventure of humanity's survival against a hateful society of their own making. The actors in attendance were Tricia Helfer, James Callis, Michael Trucco, Katee Sackhoff, Jamie Bamber, and Tahmoh Penikett, as well as the two writers David Eick and Ronald Moore. Kevin Smith was the moderator since he is a self-proclaimed huge fan of the show.

The panel started off with a preview of the last episodes and what the crew will do now that they have reached their dreams and found it horribly lacking. The show has officially wrapped up, and the actors have already begun new projects. Much of the panel was a funny back and forth with Smith and the cast, since he was just as likely to ask gushing fan questions as the audience. He asked Bamber how he lost weight so quickly and suggested ways to make the show more cool. The cast talked about their favorite and most bad-ass moments from the show, including when the Galactica dropped into New Caprica, the "One Year Later," and when Starbuck and Six had their fist fight. There was an attempt to find out the final Cylon, but no one was forthcoming or would even hint at the identity, so the viewers will be left in the dark. The only thing Moore would give up is that it will be someone on the show, and not a random new character.

A cute moment in the cast was when Sackhoff talked about having fun with Penikett during a fighting scene. They were shooting guns off wildly and laughing. Penikett apparently was making "Zoolander" faces and the director asked him to stop shooting like a girl. Penikett was not on stage at this part, as he had just done "Dollhouse," but came out a few minutes later. He did not actually defend himself much, and agreed it was fun. Several actors felt their characters did receive closure or a proper ending by the last episode, and everyone agreed that the season finale was fantastic.

They may be a little biased, however, so it is up to the fans to decide how satisfying the ending was for them. The remaining episodes will be airing in early 2009, and after four seasons yet another beloved and ground breaking science fiction show will be completed. However, do not despair too much BSG lovers, they also showed a preview of "Caprica" which started out as a backdoor pilot and may now begin a real series. It is a prequel to the "Battlestar Galactica" plot, and will probably be premiering in 2009.

Story by Chelsea 'Dee' Doyle
Starpulse contributing writer