In this edition of the Review Rundown, Who Gives a Tweet style – we spend time with ten more records, including looks at new discs from Locksley, We are the Ocean, Angels and Airwaves, Through the Eyes of the Dead, Killing Time, Black Robot, Medicine Hat, the Forecast, the Dear and Departed, and Motionless in White.

File Under: Pop Rock Caught in a Time Warp

LocksleyBe In Love (Feature Records): 60’s-era upbeat pop rock oozing with good vibes & good times, retro-fitted for fans of Pink Spiders & Weezer. C’mon, try not to enjoy this. (

Grade: A

Go Download: “21st Century”

File Under: Quality Post-Hardcore

We Are the OceanCutting Our Teeth (Hassle Records): Refined Silverstein-esque rock/post-hardcore by a UK band beyond their years. With Cutting Our Teeth their future looks, no, IS, bright. (

Grade: A

Go Download: "These Days, I Have Nothing"

File Under: Side Project that’s Ran Its Course

Angels & AirwavesLOVE: Really Angels & Airwaves? LOVE? Really? Luckily for Tom DeLonge’s sake Blink 182 is back because it clearly sounds like AVA needs a break. (

Grade: C

Go Download: "Epic Holiday"

File Under: Thick, Blast-Beat Filled Death

Through the Eyes of the DeadSkepsis (Prosthetic Records) Skepsis is one of the better death metal records from a band not named Cannibal Corpse in a long time – visceral & bile spewing – it rips. (

Grade: B

Go Download: "Perpetual Defilement"

File Under: Old School Hardcore Done Right, the NYC Way

Killing TimeThree Steps Back (Dead City Records): Legendary NYC hardcore kings return to the garage for 12 tracks of hard-hitting, abrasive punk infused hardcore. Press play, get in the pit. (


Go Download: "Rope a Dope"

File Under: In Your Face Nu-Rock

Black Robot  - Baddass (Rocket Science/Formosa): Buckcherry meets AC/DC meets mid-80’s sonic debauchery. Gritty, badass guitars all day long here & the "Cocaine" cover doesn’t hurt either. (

Grade: C+

Go Download: "Momma Don’t Cry"

File Under: 60’s Era Classic Rock

Medicine HatBlood and Bone (Deep Fried Coelacanth Records): A two part, 11 track explosion of big classic rock & vintage Americana/folk. Blood & Bone is the best that this Chicago band has been yet. (

Grade: B

Go Download: "South 55"

File Under: Pure Midwest Indie

The Forecastthe Forecast (Eyeball Records): It took four years, but the Forecast are back with Midwestern indie at its absolutely best. The vocal aesthetic is among the best around. (

Grade: A

Go Download: "So Wrong"

File Under: Atmospheric Indie New Wave

The Dear & DepartedChapters (Equal Vision): 5 songs that sound more like the Cure than the Dear & Departed. Their glam/goth feel is gone, but its been replaced w/turgid pop melodies. (

Grade: B

Go Download: "There for the Taking"

File Under: Uber-Agg Screamo/Metalcore

Motionless in WhiteWhen Love Met Destruction (Fearless/Tragic Hero): When Love Met Destruction is proof that Fearless knows what their doing & that screamo isnt a dying scene. These 6 tracks aren’t overdone. (

Grade: B

Go Download: "Ghost in the Mirror"