The ABC promos promoting the “The Hamptons’ hottest love rhombus” was pretty embarrassing. It’s no secret that Emily is not in want of any love interests. In season one, she juggled her puppy-dog like affection for dumb Daniel with her childhood crush on Jack. In season two, Aiden was introduced as an equal that neither of the other two could ever be. He’s just as smart and conniving as Emily, but also identical in her darkness and unwillingness to compromise.

But should her romantic entanglements be simple side plots as she continues to commit gleeful acts of revenge? Or should these romances actually move the plot along? In “Control,” it’s amazing how much control Emily’s suitors have over her schemes. Of course, Aiden was a part of her plots since his introduction, but Daniel and Jack have always been more pawns than anything. However, this season they’ve done more to screw up Emily’s life than ever before.

Much of Emily’s plan is based on getting married to Daniel. Now he can barely stand to stay in the same room with her. It doesn’t bode well for their marriage that he’s so quick to stay at a hotel and ignore her for days. But what else can you expect from a marriage based on destroying your family? His constant second guessing is making it more difficult for her to continue on as she has for two years.

Daniel has even finally realized that he’s never seen a picture of her family before. It’s taken long enough but he’s finally seen the light. He dumps Emily and takes away a bit more of her control. It’s not until she lets a bit of that control go by revealing a bit of her childhood and opening up about losing her family that Daniel goes back to being his naïve self.

Jack has also been more of a burden on Emily’s plans this season than ever before. It used to be that his main involvement in the plot was Emily trying to keep him away from her schemes and making sure he doesn’t get hurt in the crossfire. Now that he’s imposed a ticking clock on her revenging, he’s controlling her plan more than ever before. She doesn’t have to change things up to save him, but rather to satisfy him.

Aiden is the character that has the most control over Emily’s revenge. While he’s always been a helper to her, his jealousy towards Jack has thrown things off a bit. After pointing Conrad towards Jack as the possible culprit in the car crash, he tries to shoo Jack out of town. Aiden claims it’s to save him and his son, but really it’s to push him away from Emily. It’s a selfish act, but it makes Jack look dumber than it makes Aiden look like a loose cannon. If your life is threatened and you have a child, you probably shouldn’t stick around on principle.

Emily tries to gain control over Aiden again by expressing gratitude towards him and claiming to be loyal to only him. However, I see it as another ruse. Aiden is a threat to her when he doesn’t feel appreciated and like the number one man in her heart. Emily succeeded in stopping him from imploding, but who knows if it was genuine.

More than anything this episode made me think that Jack, Daniel, or Aiden are the most likely to shoot Emily on her wedding day. I’d put my money on Aiden. He’s on the verge of a meltdown and it’ll only take one scorned look from Emily to turn him into a homicidal maniac.

Meanwhile, another male character takes center stage in the crazy Olympics of Revenge. There’s always been something a little off about Patrick. He seems way to close to Victoria and was quick to distrust Emily. His every action from the premiere to now towards his new family has been all understanding. However it turns out that he’s the one who sabotage Conrad’s car. (The entire plot is a little convoluted. Aiden decides not to point at Jack anymore and tells Victoria that one of her children was responsible. Charlotte confesses in order to keep Jack from being another victim of her father, but really Victoria got her to confess to protect Patrick.) Of course, Patrick would turn out to err on the side of crazy. He’s a romantic interest for unlucky-in-love Nolan after all. Will this end with Patrick trying to hurt Nolan, like so many of his former flames? Probably. But until then, it’ll be fun to watch.

Other Musings:

  • Why is Frenchie entwined in Jack’s plot? She has no reason to be around him. She gets mad when he doesn’t show up at her magazine party, without giving him a chance to explain. Basically she’s insane, which is totally Jack’s type. Perfect fast forward material
  • Patrick and Daniel finally get some alone time together, if even for a minute. I predict Patrick’s storyline ends with him trying to take Daniel’s place in the family.
  • Charlotte clues Victoria in on Emily and Jack’s relationship, which Victoria promptly tries to use to trick Emily into revealing she doesn’t really care about Daniel. It works, but Aiden doesn’t let her in on it.
  • Victoria apparently knows that Patrick is gay, but shouldn’t the viewers have gotten to see that before now?
  • Patrick must be the least easily-manipulated character in the show’s history. He hates Emily on sight, knows Nolan talked to his ex-wife, and won’t take his shit.
  • Aiden and Jack come face to face for the first time. I wish Emily’s men would interact more. If you’re going to have a love rhombus, might as well go all out.
  • Nolan: “The more strings you pull, the easier it is to get strangled.”
  • Victoria: “You can spend you live controlled by powerful men or you can learn how to control them.”
  • Daniel not wanting to marry Emily lasted all of ten minutes.
  • Conrad was very quick to forgive Charlotte for allegedly trying to kill him and successfully killing the priest. This family is messed up.