Bangerz is the most calculated “risk” of the year. It’s a very produced album featuring pop music for the redneck contingent. It’s not to say that Bangerz is a bad album, it’s just weighed down by everything that Miley Cyrus has done before it. It’s an album that tries too hard to be “edgy” and “hardcore” and it’s not. Guest appearances from Nelly, Future, Big Sean, and Luda don’t really scream edgy, not anymore.

In between all the redneck-hip-hop songs are some actually good pop songs. Despite its awkward music video, “Wrecking Ball” is a great song, something that took me a while to come around too. There are some very fun songs on here #GETITRIGHT is super sexy, it should’ve be a single. “Drive” is fantastic, if only Mike Will Made It wasn’t producing. And that’s where a lot of this album hits its snags, the production. But on that note, props to Miley for trying something different all over the whole album. Something that most female pop-stars really don’t try. *cough*Beyonce*cough*

There are some Ke$ha-esque moments mixed with Taylor Swift moments. Clearly a lot of the heart broken songs are aimed towards the Hemsworth brother that’s not Thor.

Where this album hits its stride is the non-hype songs, the non-feature songs. This entire album should be re-done acoustically. It might’ve been one of the best albums of the year that way. She can sing, but she hides behind over produced beats, most of which are simply “there,” they do nothing to make the song pop. What works the most all over this album is Miley. For all the slutty moves she makes, she’s a singer, and a good one and yet she knows that alone won’t sell. So thus we have the image that we have now.

Highly recommend this album. It’s a bit long. There’s quite a bit of filler on here, but when you hit a killer song like “Maybe Your Right” it feels right and it makes the album. Miley has seemed like a train wreck for a while now, but it’s all calculated into this album. It’s worth it to hear a 20 year girl who has no idea who she is as a person, what she wants in a relationship, and is treating this time as her college experimental experience. It’s worth a listen.