There’s nothing like a cohesive flick that tells a straightforward story and sets a tone of simple right from the get go.  Then there’s "Wrong."  Turning normal on it’s ear, Quentin Dupieux’s follow up to his potential ridden first outing "Rubber" is a five-star mix of weird and wonderful that’s most assuredly an acquired taste.  But for those who appreciate it’s askew vision, "Wrong" is a welcome distraction from the mundane.

Dolph Springer is living in a world that’s as upside down as the man himself.  He has deep and too close conversations with his intense neighbor, calls a local pizza shop just to chat, goes to work where the overhead sprinklers run full capacity all day and to boot he has lost the one friend that keeps everything in perspective – his dog.  He is summoned by a strange disfigured guru named Master Change, who informs the heart broken pet owner that he indeed kidnapped his dog in an attempt to strengthen the bond between animal and owner.  Problem is the delivery didn’t go as planned and the dog is now lost.  Telepathy, unhealthy love and feces examining detectives ensue - and that’s only the beginning.


There are many more interesting side stories throughout "Wrong," but all lead cleverly back to the frustrated world of Dolph.  As the weasel-like lead, Jack Plotnick provides the perfect amount of angst and pain to keep the audience with him.  Not to mention that everyone from groundskeeper Eric Judor to creepy private eye Steve Little all serve as flavor in the "Wrong" stew.  But performance wise it’s the utterly captivating work of odd man William Fichtner that truly steals the show here.  As the calm, calculated and just plain kooky Master Chang (love the name!) Fichtner combines Burke from "Go," Tommy Dundee from "The Underneath" and The Accountant from "Drive Angry" and injects a shot of extra wacky nitroglycerine to create not only a performance that lingers, but one that’s totally Oscar worthy.

I won’t lie – there are some oddities in topsy-turvy Dupieux’s world that some may feel are a tad contrived.  (The screening I was at included myself and one other lady – and she wasn’t laughing!)  But for me the package as a whole is a play on absurdity and each step, each move and each flipped device serves a purpose in the grand scheme of "Wrong."  (Aka it’s a hoot!)  With "Rubber," Quentin Dupieux showed he had potential – with "Wrong" he delivers.      







   Title: "Wrong"

   Stars: 5

   Genre: Drama

   Cast: Jack Plotnick, William Fichtner, Alexis Dziena

   Director: Quentin Dupieux

   Rating: Not Rated

   Running Time: 94 Minutes

   Release Company: Drafthouse Films