After not seeing a movie for almost three weeks, Two Jews On Film are back and once again and disagreeing.

Our first film, since leaving the beach for the mountains, is 'Oblivion' directed by Joseph Kosinski, based on his unpublished graphic novel.   

This sci-fi visually spectacular action movie stars Tom Cruise as Jack Harper, a super pilot, super lover and all round 'super guy.'

The year is 2077 and life on Earth is non-existent. Sixty years ago some really nasty aliens, known as the Scavengers, destroyed our moon - no moon plus no water and no food equates to: not a good thing at all.

We retaliated by nuking the ugly invaders, which of course made Earth uninhabitable.  Not a smart move.

The remaining humans were taken to Titan, one of Saturn's moons, where they supposedly live happily ever after.

When we meet Harper and his partner/lover, Victoria (Andrea Riseborough) they are two weeks away from completing a five year assignment on Earth. They reside in a very chic tower thousands of feet above the ravished planet.  

When they are not making hot, steamy love, Harper flies around the scorched earth in a high tech helicopter - hunting down any remaining Scavengers, with the help of several well armed drones.

Victoria, on the other hand, serves as his communication director. Lucky for Victoria, she has help from Titan Commander Sally (Melissa Leo) who's southern drawl makes taking orders all that more fun. Victoria and Jack make a very effective team.

However, Victoria can't wait for their assignment to be over.  Jack not so much.

Despite having his memory wiped, he's having flashbacks and dreams of a previous life; circa the early 21st century. He keeps seeing himself with a dark haired beauty who he meets on top of the Empire State Building. It's obvious, their relationship isn't platonic.

Now, Jack isn't just a hunky killing machine, he has a thing for nostalgia. He wears a Yankees cap, likes to read poetry and listen to old phonograph records; he also has a crash pad nestled in the woods, surrounded by trees and lakes. Seems Earth still has some life left in her and seems Jack is in for more than a couple of surprises.

To say anymore, would get me into 'spoiler territory.'  But I will let you know that Morgan Freeman and the beautiful Olga Kurylenko both play a very big part in changing Harper's future.

I found 'Oblivion' written by Kosinski with help from William Monahan, Michael Arndt and Karl Gajdusek, to be an exciting, thoughtful and an engrossing sci-fi thriller. For that reason, I gave the film 4 out of 5 bagels.

'Oblivion' which opens in theatres Friday, April 19th 2013 could have used some editing, but if you're a sci-fi buff, I think you will definitely enjoy this one.  

Check out our video for more of our thoughts and for John's bagel rating.

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