'No Strings Attached' directed by Ivan Reitman asks the question: Can friends with benefits stay just friends and not fall in love?  Especially two sexy friends...

Emma Kurtman(Natalie Portman) first meets Adam Franklin (Ashton Kutcher) at camp when she's 14 years old.  Adam asks if he can finger her...She say's matter of factly...no.   They run into each other five years later then a year after that....Until finally it's the present.

Emma is in med school, having graduated from MIT and Adam is a production assistant on a TV show. Adam is obviously attracted to her but Emma lets him know that all she's interested in is a sex buddy.  She isn't interested in a relationship.  She want him to be her friend with benefits and there has to be no strings attached. That means no holding hands, no jealous, no expectations, no fighting, no flowers.  And no matter what...he cannot fall in love with her.  Adams says fine...no problem. Adam happily goes along with this until he realizes he's in way over his head.  He has indeed fallen deeply, madly in love with Emma.

Adding to this very funny comedy is Kevin Kline as Alvin, Adam's famous writer dad who winds up living with Adam's ex girlfriend (Gerta Gerwig) Miss Gerwig is fantastic. One of her best moments is when she tells Adam she doesn't like old people and then steps into an elevator followed by several elderly men and women.  Her reaction is priceless.   Lake Bell is terrific as Adam's very spacey co-worker as is Adam's two buddies played by Ludacris and Jake M. Johnson.  Ashton has never been better.  He and Natalie have great chemistry and you totally buy their relationship.    Yes, this is your typical Hollywood comedy but so what.  You'll leave the theater with a smile on your face. One of the 'Two Jews On Film'...(me) gave  'No Strings Attached' a very high bagel award.  Opens in theaters, Friday January 21, 2011.