By Joan Alperin-Schwartz

Kelly (Rose Bryne) and Mac (Seth Rogen)  have just bought a house in a quiet neighborhood and have a baby named, Stella, (played by twins Elise and Zoey Vargas) who just might be the cutest babies on the planet.

Even though they find it hard to have impromptu sex, Mac and Kelly are enjoying their life as parents.  They still, however, like to think of themselves as being young, hip and spontaneous.


When a fraternity moves in next door, the couple worry about the wild parties that might occur, so they do what any responsible adult/neighbor would do...Bring over a joint and let the frat boys, led by their President, Teddy (Zac Efron) know, that despite being slightly older, they're still totally cool.

They also ask (after practicing this line several times) if the guys could just 'keep it down'.

Teddy assures them that they will and if ever, his frat bros get to loud, please let him know, instead of calling the cops.

The couple promise and even spend a night partying with their frat neighbors.  

The next day, our hung over parents return home, satisfied that living next to a fraternity house was not going to be a problem.

Wow, did they ever get that wrong.

After spending several sleepless nights, due to the extremely, loud music coming from the frat house, Mac and Kelly wind up breaking their promise and call the police.

Teddy is deeply hurt by the couple's betrayal and does what any emotionally wounded college boy would do...He declares WAR on his neighbors.

Of course, where there's war, there is retaliation and that's exactly what Kelly and Mac do; retaliate...Big time.

'The Neighbors' is laugh out loud funny as well as extremely clever.

Although everyone in the cast is excellent, the standout and the surprise for me was Rose Bryne.  I had no idea that she could be so good at comedy.  

And speaking of comedy,  Zac Efron and Seth Rogen have some really hysterically funny scenes together, including a a dance-off

Dave Franco, as a fellow frat brother is also quite good, along with Brian Huskey and Lisa Kudrow in a cameo.

I gave 'Neighbors' which opens Friday, May 9, 2014, four bagels out of five and if you want to spend two hours laughing, I highly recommend this film.

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