Okay people... They are back! Those alien fighting dudes, in their black sport jackets, white shirts, skinny ties, shooting gadgets that can wipe your memory clean, faster than you can say 'The Martians Are Coming'

Not only are they back, after a fifteen year absence, but...Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) and Agent J (Will Smith) are better than ever.

Thanks to director, Barry Sonnenfeld and the screenwriters, Etan Cohen, and David Koepp, based on the comic by Lowell Cunningham the third in the franchise.

The plot, without giving too much away, involves time travel, a super grotesque alien known as Boris The Animal (Jermaine Clement); who can shoot ugly deadly spider like creatures from his various orifices.

Two Jews on Film - By Joan Alperin Schwartz

A super adorable fifth dimension alien (aren't they all?) named Griffin (Michael Stulberg) who is able to see several different futures all at the same time. Andy Warhol (Bill Hader), a younger Agent K (the wonderful Josh Brolin who does a killer imitation of Tommy Lee), Emma Thomas as the head of MIB, her younger self (Alice Eva) and all sorts of fun and at times... gross things.

On a side note... I don't think I'll eat Chinese food for a very long time.

To summarize... Boris escapes from his maxim security prison on the moon and he's really, really pissed. You can't blame him. His race has been wiped out of existence and thanks to Agent K, he's been locked up for over 40 years. Now he wants one thing... Well maybe two or three.

Travel back in time to 1969, kill Agent K and with the help of his peeps, invade earth.

Luckily for K, J will do anything and everything to stop this from happening. What are partners for, right?

'Men In Black 3' shot in 3D is exciting, super funny, and has excellent action and effects. But what makes this film my favorite in the franchise is that the script focuses on the relationship between Agent K and Agent J. There's a really nice reveal toward the end.

By the way' MIB3 like the first two, is filled with all kinds of important information including...All models are aliens and...Well, you just have to see this film, which opens in theaters May 25, 2012, to find out the rest.

I gave 'Men In Black 3' 4 bagels out of 5,  Check out our video to see John's bagel rating and to see him shoot a couple of aliens.