'Looper', written and directed by Rian Johnson ('Brick') is an intelligent, engrossing, thought provoking and totally entertaining sci-fi film about time-travel and what a person will or won't do to save the person they love.

There's also some kick-ass action, great characters, excellent acting and at times, it's actually funny.

'Looper' stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Joe and Bruce Willis as...Old Joe aka Levitt's future self.

The film takes place in Kansas 2042. Time travel has not yet been invented, but 30 years from now, it will have been. Only problem is, it's illegal...and controlled by a syndicate of gangsters who basically run the world.

These bad boys use a time travel device to send the people they want eliminated back to 2042, where men known as 'Loopers' kill them and collect a whole lot of silver bars for their work.

Apparently there is absolutely no place for a murderer to dispose of a body thirty years from now...And we think our planet is in trouble now!

Because of the illegality of the whole murder thing, eventually the Loopers themselves must be eliminated. 

So after thirty years of killing people (give or take a couple of months) the Loopers must oft themselves....well, their older selves.

This is one of the many cool parts of the film.

The Loopers wait in this open field out in nowhere land for their future selves to pop in. When they arrive, their heads are covered with a hood. When the hoods come off, the realization that the Looper must kill himself really sinks in.  Of course, not all of them want to go along with the plan....Can you blame them?

Well, there's a lot more to the plot, but I don't want to spoil the great surprises.

I will say that Emily Blunt and a wonderful young actor, Pierce Gagnon (who plays Blunt's very special son, as well as Jeff Daniels - who's an extremely interesting bad ass gangster) all play essential roles in this exciting, original film.

Along with the acting being pitch perfect; the dialogue is clever and witty, raising some very important philosophical issues. 

To sum it up, 'Looper' is definitely a film that will make you think about the choices you'd make when it comes to love...love of another person...and love of humanity.

'Looper' opens in theatres, Friday September 28th. It received 4 1/2 bagels out of 5 from me. Check out our video to see what John thought and his rating...Hint...He actually liked this film a great deal.

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