Week two of “Face Off” brings more drama and a first for the show.

Last week Rod won the challenge and now must face more than just the competition…he has injured the tendons in his left wrist and hand.  He has vowed to continue despite being able to use only one hand. 

The spotlight challenge facing the eleven makeup artists this week was of a nautical nature when they were challenged to create an original pirate who has become one with the sea.  Each artist was given a specific item as their inspiration.  But this week there was an additional incentive…in a “Face Off” first the winner of the spotlight challenge would win a pirate’s booty of $5,000.

After three days of work, a visit from host McKenzie Westmore and judge Ve Neill, and minor setbacks; it was time for the artists to show off their creations on the “Face Off” reveal stage.

Judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, and Neville Page announced that Tommy, Nicole, Rod, Derek, and Alana were safe and could return back stage.  The remaining artists were declared the best and the worst creations.

Roy for addressing the challenge and creating something unexpected, Sarah for creating a haunting look that took Ve’s breath away, and Laura for creating a nice feel with interesting colours all were awarded top looks.

CC for making bad choice and appearing directionless, Jason for creating a disappointing and dispassionate character, and Eric for creating what the judges called faked and a lame attempt were all in the bottom and facing elimination from the competition.

The judges awarded Sarah the winner of the challenge and the pirate’s booty; but CC was eliminated with the advice to work on her skill set and design work.

Next week the artists face a new challenge of an acrobatic nature.