Fascination with science and flesh is not new to cinema.  Back in the day David Cronenberg was all but obsessed with the strange machine that is the human body and it’s deep dark examination proved to be captivating stuff.  The new film "Errors Of The Human Body" does delve into this territory, but it’s more like Cronenberg-light, presenting a decent lead up to a conclusion that only mildly pays off. 

Dr. Geoff Burton is a brilliant Genetics researcher with some serious past demons.  He is haunted by the fact that despite trying desperately to find a cure, he could not save his ailing infant son.  He is beckoned by former colleague Rebekka to help her with her groundbreaking research, but he fins himself in the middle of a medical mystery instead.

Vague, but a lot of the fun is the slow lead up of Dr. Burton’s discoveries of all the goings on around him.  Playing a man who is equal parts smart and sullen, actor Michael Eklund is the right man for this role.  The bizzaro opposite of the cool creep he played in "The Divide," Eklund’s work is the real draw of this show and keeps the audience engaged long after the script becomes a tad overextended.  I did like the engaging work by Karoline Herfurth and the creepy turn by Tomas Lemarquis (someone get that man a role as a psycho in a horror film stat!), but again Eklund is Errors muse.  

So while Errors takes a page from the Hitchcock book of building suspense via co-writer and director Matthew Arnold, such a grand dance requires a finale befitting of its premise.  "Errors of the Human Body" has a mighty swing, but its follow through needs work.     







  Title: "Errors of the Human Body"


   Genre: Thriller/Drama

   Cast: Michael Eklund, Karoline Herfurth, Tomas Lemarquis

   Director: Eron Sheean

   Rating: R

   Running Time: 101 Minutes

   Release Company: IFC Midnight

   Website: www.ifcfilms.com