There simply no denying it – "Forgetting the Girl" is one odd egg.  A curious blend of romance, obsession and murder, the film is by far one of the most unusual flicks I’ve seen in a long time.  Thus it’s hard to categorize its wares, surmise its value and judge its impact thus mashing all into one easy to swallow movie review pill – this one defies the norm.

Headshot photographer Kevin Wolfe is a man who shoots pictures of actresses all day.  He gets to see the beautiful, the aspiring and the established day in and day out.  But Kevin isn’t exactly doing well in the dating department, so he also infuses the occasional suggestion to his clients of a possible date.  Most pass either nicely or abruptly, but one gal Adrienne takes him up on the offer.  After a single night tryst, Kevin becomes obsessed with Adrienne to an unhealthy degree.  Seems Kevin has issues in his past and all are coming to the surface.  Watching from the sidelines is his makeup assistant and secret admirer Jamie who lives for the day that she can reveal her affection for the troubled Kevin.

That’s about all I can go into not only for the spoiler factor but also story wise this film goes from simple to utterly complex.  What begins as a simple tale about woe and finding love via Kevin talking right to the camera ends with one seriously disturbing and sad case of doing anything for love.  It’s jarring for sure and makes Forgetting The Girl a film with a glaringly uneven tone.  Some may love the unconventional approach and I applaud anyone going zig instead of zag, but when the changes here are clear as day the film loses its luster.  At first Kevin is the victim, a sad and desperate man searching for someone to love, but by films’ end he’s become the monster he sees most women as.  I definitely bought actor Christopher Denham as the vulnerable lead, but when his character tables turned I must admit it felt forced to me.  The single most engaging, brutal and heartbreaking work of this flick has to go to actress Lindsay Beamish who plays unstable and ever-so-troubled Jamie.  She is the true lovelorn victim and star of Forgetting The Girl – a girl you will never forget.

There’s some beautiful cinematography within the film, but again it seems to compliment the more easy going bits of the film thus clashing with the dim.  In all aspects Forgetting The Girl are like that – a jumbled mix of colorful emotional plateaus that never connect.  Everything but the kitchen sink may seem like a hearty cinematic meal, but in the end it simply causes a bellyache.       







   Title: "Forgetting the Girl"        

   Stars: 3

   Genre: Horror / Romance / Thriller

   Cast: Christopher Denham, Lindsay Beamish, Paul Sparks

   Director: Nate Taylor

   Rating: Not Rated

   Running Time: 85 Minutes

   Release Company: RAM Releasing