'Ceremony' is directed by Max Winkler.  In a press interview Max said that the inspiration for the film was himself....Well they do say to write what you know...But unfortunately in this case...it's not such a good thing.   

Sam David (Michael Angarano) a broke, struggling writer of children's books, convinces his former best friend, Marshall (Reece Daniel Thompson) to spend a weekend with him under the pretense of rekindling their friendship.  The two guys drive off in Marshall's smoking (as in the car leaves a trail of smoke in its wake) Mercedes and head to the beaches of  Long Island for a little vacation.

Their first stop is a rundown motel called Little Mohican. After spending a few minutes chilling by a garbage filled swimming pool, Sam convinces Marshall to crash a wedding that is taking place on a very large estate across the road.

Unbeknownst to Marshall, the girl getting married is Zoe (Uma Thurman) and Max is madly in love with her.  The two of them had one passionate night in New York and have been pen pals ever since. Max is really here to thwart Zoe's impending nuptials and get her to run away with him.  

Sam is a guy who thinks he knows everything there is to know about life, romance and love...When in truth, he knows absolutely nothing.

The premise is interesting, but the movie just doesn't work.  The dialogue is expository, the two main characters are annoying and you just want it the film to end as quickly as possible.  The most realistic character in 'Ceremony' is Zoe's brother, Teddy (Jake Johnson) who spends his days lost in oblivion thanks to drugs and booze.  

'Two Jews on Film' gave this film one of their lowest bagel scores.  'Ceremony' opens in theaters, Friday April 8, 2011.