'Sanctum' directed by Alister Grierson is loosely based on true events.  The film tells the story of Frank McGuire (Richard Roxburgh) a tough, take no prisoners, master diver intent on being the first person to explore the Esa-Ala cave system in the South Pacific.

Shortly after Frank descends into the caves, along with a team that includes his 17 year old neglected son Josh, (Rhys Wakefield) who spends most of the film complaining to his dad that he was a lousy father,  the expedition's obnoxious bankroller Carl Hurley (Ioan Gruffudd) his annoying girlfriend, Victoria (Alice Parkinson) and several others, a flash flood seals off the cave exit trapping everyone. The explorers must now find an alternate way out.

Frank tells them that their only hope of survival is to plunge deeper into the cave system...venturing where no one has ever gone before. Okay, so that's basically the premise.  And it's an exciting one.  The problem lies with the script.  It's filled with wooden, expository dialogue.  What were the writers (John Garvin and Andrew Wight) thinking? And why didn't any one stop them. Unfortunately the acting performances aren't much better.

This is definitely a film that should be seen...not heard.  'Sanctum' is a very thrilling, terrifying edge of your seat experience.  And for that reason...'The Two Jews On Film' recommend it.   Thanks to Jules O'Laughlin's 3D camera (the same one used to shoot Avatar) the great production design, and underwater photography,  you can't  help but feel as if you are one of those divers fighting for your life inside those deep vast underwater caverns. Just put your hands over your ears when the characters start to  speak. 'Sanctum' opens in theaters, Friday, February 4, 2011.