Can a man who has live his entire life ruled by money and self-preservation really change and repent? Conrad Grayson has always been about saving himself, even if it means innocent men like David Clarke would lose everything. Now Emily has been at her revenging plot for two years, his entire world has changed. His fortune, prestigious job, company, and family are all gone. Even his belief in his health has been stripped away due to the tireless work of Emily.

Last week, Emily, perhaps naively, believed in the chance that Conrad would confess his sins and end her need to hurt him. Jack has given her a ticking clock to finish her mission and she’s taking it seriously. If Conrad were to confess, his life would be ruined. He isn’t really dying, so he may have to live a long, torturous life with the truth out in the open. His confession would hurt those who conspired with him, including Victoria. Best of all, a confession from Conrad would free Emily from her quest to take everybody down.

But even from the moment Emily uttered the words last week, everybody knew there was no chance he’d get to confess. On the way to the police, his car is totaled, leaving Father Paul a corpse and Conrad a bloody mess. It was a nice thought anyway.

Even if he did confess, what sort of life would Emily have? Would she go back to being Amanda or commit to the Emily-lie? Who would she have in her life? Besides the ever-loyal Nolan, people seem to have wised up to Emily’s conniving ways. Charlotte distrusts her. Jack is ready at every moment to be her adversary. Her relationship with Daniel is showing cracks, not that Emily would stay with him without a plot underhand. Even Patrick hates her for no good reason (it’s the best proof that he’s totally Victoria’s son.)

At least we now know Aiden is part of Emily plan, as I’m sure everybody suspected. He gives Victoria the information she can use to hang Emily, the fact that they were together longer than Daniel knew. However, once he went to Nolan’s party on Victoria’s arm it was clear that it was all part of a larger plan to destroy her. Aiden and Emily fake fight, just enough for him to gain Victoria’s complete trust and for Emily to get heated enough to announce to a crowd that the Graysons are broke.

It’s nice to know that Emily is always on top of her revenging game. As the Jack-imposed deadline ticks forward, her plans have narrowed, which is great for the series as a whole. However, the closer she gets to the end, the more blatant it is that she’ll finish without anybody in her life.

Other Musing:

  • The background story of Nolan’s $2 million party was fun. He wanted a dolphin enclosure and live swans in the pool. He ended up with bartenders dressed like sailors and inflatable, plastic swans. So, not worth 2 million.
  • Nolan’s crush on Patrick is the best Patrick-related story yet. Yes, please.
  • Nolan wears a shirt with his mug shot. “He wears his shame well.”-Daniel.
  • Charlotte and Jack together is premium fast forward material.
  • “We met. One time too many.”-Patrick to Emily. His hostility towards her is really suspicious.
  • Daniel puts an alarm system into Emily’s home, which must be the most broken into home of all time. Finally.
  • Daniel is such a terrible shot that Aiden managed to get shot, heal, and team up with Emily again in just a few months.
  • Emily is doing a terrible job of making up with Charlotte. Why does everybody hate her so much this season?