One of the joys and frustrations of any given episode of Revenge is the myriad of unanswered questions that linger once the credits have rolled. When the questions are shocking, like who shot Emily, they’re fun, something to hold onto as the season progresses. But more often than not the questions left swirling in the Revenge-universe are head scratchers of the most ridiculous kind. Questions like, why did Ashley turn into a mustache-twirling villain, why does Declan’s accent sound like that, and how is that impossibly old dog still alive, have become cornerstones of the show.

Tonight’s episode, “Sin” is no different. Here are a few of the most prevalent questions from the episode:

What is Aiden’s aim?

When last week’s episode ended, it was completely unclear why Aiden felt the need to go to Victoria to takedown Emily. Is he trying to trick Victoria into giving up something? Are either Nolan or Emily in on his plan or is he working as a lone ranger? If he’s truly trying to take out Emily, why does he need Victoria? Not much more is revealed about his motives, but we do get a few hints.

Aiden doesn’t reveal anything to Victoria that could really hurt Emily, such as her true identity. However, he seems to confirm what Victoria already thinks of her, calling Emily a scammer and claiming he knew her long before he met the Graysons. These things don’t necessarily hurt Emily since there’s nothing anyone can say to make Victoria like her. This very well could be Aiden’s way of pretending to be her ally long enough to get what he wants.

However, if he really is against Emily, his motivation is ridiculous. The last we saw him he was in a bloody scuffle with Daniel. Emily refused to give up her vendetta for him, but she also didn’t cheat him out of any money as he claims. I like Aiden but if he ends up truly against Emily, I’m going to have to put him on my list of Whiny Man-Babies From Revenge.

Did Charlotte’s bangs come with an ulterior motive?

Ever since Charlotte returned from Europe without Declan’s baby and with a new set of bangs, she’s been a bitch on wheels. She’s managed to pick a fight with half the cast in the course of an episode. She’s mad at Emily for spilling her assumption that Victoria was having an affair. (Of course, Charlotte is almost right. But she has no proof so her tantrum is less justified than it is annoying.) She’s mad at Patrick for being born and even blames him for Conrad’s fake Huntington’s symptoms. Then she gets mad at Conrad for Declan’s death. The kicker is that she’s 100% right about her father’s culpability in Declan’s death, but she spent so much time pissed at other people that it’s akin to the bangs who cried wolf.

Why was the Grayson Global Picture of Revenge gone for so long?

One of the best parts of season one was the end of every episode when Emily would take out her Red Pen of Revenge and cross off another face. The picture was missing for all of season 2, that I can recall, while Emily was busy dealing with underground conspiracies and tons of ridiculous plots that took her off the beaten path. It comes back in “Sin” for Emily’s revenge on Father Paul, a man whose dealings with the Graysons ended years before he turned to God. Unfortunately we don’t get to see a face with a giant red X in this episode, but I think the return of the picture was enough to promise good times ahead.

Why did it take Charlotte so long to realize her father was a bad guy?

How long has she been off-screen? How many major plots did she miss? Did she take over Declan’s position as The Worst?

What’s up with Ms. French Boring-Face?

Her entire plot exists to give Daniel something to do during the day. Her fashion magazine is already off to a bad start, especially now that she openly admitted to thinking that Nolan is fashion forward. Yikes. Now she’s sexually attracted to Daniel? Willing to throw herself at him? I can’t bring myself to believe that anybody who has met Daniel has wanted him, unless there’s some sort of ulterior motive like with Emily. I doubt she’ll come into the main revenging plot, but there must be something else going on.

Why are Patrick’s scenes with Victoria so smutty?

Last week, every time Patrick had a scene with a woman in his family, there was a weird sexual tension about it. This week continued the tradition of uncomfortable closeness between mother and son. It’s so uncomfortable. Victoria even says to Patrick, “My feelings for you are simple. I’m never going to let another day pass without you in it.”

Can Jack shut up?

Please? First he puts a time limit on Emily’s revenging and now he tells a teenage girl that her father is responsible for her boyfriend’s death? Come on, man. Either you want free of the Grayson Revenge plot or you don’t.

How can Conrad possibly know about Frank’s involvement with Patrick?

I must admit, I got a huge thrill from hearing about Frank the Dead Bodyguard’s interaction with Patrick. It makes me think the writer’s watched season 1 again. Conrad brings up that Frank supposedly gave Patrick $5 million after Patrick tried to look for his birth mother. Instead Frank threatened to beat him up. Classic Frank. So what happened to the millions? And if Conrad only just learned of Patrick’s existence last year, how can he possibly know about this? Especially since Amanda killed Frank two seasons ago.

Why is Nolan so much better at hiding things than Emily?

Emily’s hiding space for her infinity box has always been a source of contention for fans of the show. She’d keep it under the wooden floor boards or behind an obvious fake wall. The contents were often discovered, whether by Tyler or Amanda. Nolan, the tech genius that he is, puts the infinity box behind painting in a wall safe. It sounds boring but Nolan manages to make it classy as always. Plus, the fact that the painting was sold by Victoria due to Emily, Nolan, and Aiden’s plot to steal her millions makes it even sweeter.

Can Emily go soft?

The revenge of the week was against Father Paul. Emily’s plan was to show seedy, sexual pictures of him. (I wasn’t exactly clear what happened. Did Emily knock him out and then pose him uncomfortably? Or were they actually pictures? If she posed him, that’s really low.) Both Jack and Nolan try to explain to her that she may be taking it too far and needs to consider forgiveness. Well, we all know Emily isn’t going to forgive everyone, but at sight of Father Paul’s food kitchen pet project, she changes her mind… too late. The revenging goes through, but Emily isn’t ready to write him off. He may be her key to getting Conrad to confess to everything.

Lastly, is Conrad ever going to get a second opinion?

When you’re diagnosed with a life threatening disease, you seek a second medical opinion. That’s basic health knowledge 101.

Other Musings:

  • Nolan has PTSD. Or as he puts it “Padma Tyler Sexual Damage.”
  • Jack has a Red Pen of Revenge which he uses for boring things like making lists and deciding how to ruin other people’s fun.
  • Nolan: “Once you start taking out kittens, I’m out.”
  • Jack was looking for a replacement for Sammy the Elderly Dog. Doesn’t he know it’s not a good idea to get a new pet with a baby? Is he the worst at everything?
  • Jack: “When exactly did punishing the guilty outweigh helping the innocent?” Shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut Upppppppppppp, Jack.
  • Nolan baked some muffins for Emily. Emily gave some to the Graysons. Victoria brought the basket as a house warming gift for Nolan. The look on his face was priceless.
  • “I do love him. And I love his daughter.” I freaking love Emily and Nolan together. Best sibling team ever.