Does anybody else think Emily looks a bit pathetic this season? For three seasons she has sauntered up to people, like Victoria, with a killer smile and eyes that say “you don’t know it yet, but you pissed off the wrong bitch.” It has always been fun to watch, especially since people don’t realize how lethal she can be.

However, now that a majority of the people in her life hate her and see through her veneer of sweetness, her whole fake persona comes off as desperate. Now when she does her strut towards Victoria, it looks like an anxious act of a pitiable player in the Hamptons instead of a badass power move. The more people outwardly hate her, the more her plans seem like a sad last move.

Her plan to get Conrad to confess failed spectacularly. He’s dead and Conrad is no closer to confessing. Because of his car wreck, Conrad discovers that his Huntington’s disease was a false diagnosis. He no longer feels the need to confess. So, his win is Emily’s major loss.

Meanwhile, Daniel and Emily are on rocking waters. He keeps her from giving a real statement to the police about what she saw in the car crash so she does a mini revenging plot by getting his former DUI printed in his magazine. But now that her smile and confession of love no longer has power over Hampton residence, they end on a bad note. They’re closer to being Conrad and Victoria then either would like to admit.

Another Emily loss is Jack’s addition to her revenging. Though she may not see it that way, Jack is an albatross on any scheme. He’s terrible at everything and his constant second guessing isn’t helpful either. Emily is right to try to keep him away, but not for reasons of protecting him.

While Emily’s bad luck continues, other characters are having a great day. Conrad now knows he’s healthy. Victoria tricks a woman into giving up her art gallery to her. And Nolan gets to make out with Patrick (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) It’s definitely looking up for everybody not named Emily.

Except for Aiden, since he’s finally discovered that he’s Emily’s third choice. Now he’s pointed a jealous finger at Jack for possibly trying to kill Conrad. Nice knowing you, Jack.

Other Musings:

  • Conrad: “You are my guardian angel, Emily. Lord knows where I’d be without you.”
  • Victoria’s scheme includes a gallery owner named Sheila, Patrick illegally selling a painting, and a broken track light. She may be much better at revenging than Emily.
  • Nolan and Patrick together is the best storyline because I get to imagine how upset Victoria will be when she finds out.
  • Aiden now lives in the Grayson Manor pool house, where only people who are up to no good sleep.
  • Daniel: “If you walk out that door, I’m not going to be here when you get back.” Emily: “Then be sure to turn on the alarm.”
  • Nolan and his internal struggle with technology. “I can stop any time.”
  • Jack’s constant threat to tattle on Emily is already old.
  • Nolan to Emily: “What’s the 411, hun?” I love them forever.