No subject is off limits for Sheryl Crow in a revealing new interview Allure magazine. Crow crushes rumors about her relationship with Lance Armstrong being on the rocks, past loves (Eric Clapton and Owen Wilson), having children, and her young Grammy rivals.

On children: They are considering children of their own, she says. "But we want some adult time first." And then she adds, looking truly crestfallen, there's the matter of her age.

On her young rivals like fellow "Best Pop Vocal Album" Grammy nominee Kelly Clarkson: "I think there will hopefully be a paradigm shift. And as the world becomes more chaotic, it's going to become more difficult to listen to what a 19-year-old has to say about the world."

On fame: "Fame -- it was not what I wanted. That reeks of a fresh coat of paint that will chip, and people will see the chips and then abandon you. I wanted to be heard. I wanted to be important, and that's a curse in itself, because you can never really reach the place where you feel: OK, I've made it. I am the full artist."

On plastic surgery: "What's wrong with being a flat-chested girl? I think boys should feel good about the option of dating a girl who doesn't have big boobs! The plastic-surgery thing is probably not my bag, ever."