A representative for Lindsay Lohan has slammed rumors that the actress is back to her old ways and drinking alcohol again.

New photos emerged on Wednesday featuring the star reaching for a bottle of red wine. Her rep said she "continues to succeed in her recovery," adding, "The photo does not show Lindsay consuming any alcohol and could easily be misleading as her purse is also in the photo despite what the photos show."

In August, Lohan completed a 90-day rehab stint in Malibu, Calif., and she has discussed her intention to stay clean and sober.

Her father Michael told Radar Online: "The story is ridiculous. First of all, I've never known Lindsay to ever, ever, ever have a glass of wine. I've seen and I speak to Lindsay constantly and every time I do, she is of clear mind and by no means do I have any suspicion of her relapsing in any way."

Interestingly, her mother Dina was arrested in September for DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) but has pleaded not guilty. Long Island, NY, police stopped her for speeding and discovered her blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit.

Meanwhile, a truck driver is suing the actress because she crashed into him with her Porsche in June 2012. According to TMZ.com, he claims to have suffered numerous injuries and "great physical, mental and nervous pain" as a result of the accident.