Religion is a beautiful collection of beliefs that can impact one’s life, change the way you look at life and sometimes segregate you from others. When speaking about celebrities in general, they usually like to stand out and go against the grain and when you add religion into the mix, we sometimes ask- is it a bit much? Some celebrities take their beliefs overboard and others simply find religion and turn their lives around for the better. Here are a few stars whose religion has changed the direction of their career.

Recently, Two and a Half Men actor, Angus T. Jones made headlines when he drastically changed his religious beliefs and disgraced his own television show. First, we knew him as a happy, little kid who was making about $350,000 per episode; next he is calling his show filthy and dissing it in the name of Jesus- huh? His spiritual guide, Christopher Hudson has compared Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler, warned of cannibalism and even accused Jay-Z of satanic. Jones’ own mother thinks that he is being used and exploited by his mentor, Hudson, and his fate with the show remains up in the air. Even CBS admits that what they are experiencing with Angus isn’t half as bad as what they went through with Charlie Sheen.