On January 24, Heartbeat Records will proudly kick off an extensive series by the most venerated record label in reggae music – Studio One. Owned and operated by legendary Jamaican producer Clement S. Dodd (also known as "Coxsone"), Studio One is the label that discovered, and in many cases helped create, a legacy for artists who would later become international legends, from Bob Marley and the Wailers to the Heptones, Burning Spear, and Marcia Griffiths. Over the past 50 years, Dodd recorded nearly every major Reggae artist in Jamaica resulting in hundreds of Jamaican hits which, in turn, inspired thousands of "versions" - adaptations of musical arrangements used by many of today's top-selling artists. Clement S. Dodd passed away in 2004, doing what he loved, working in his Brentford Road studio in Kingston, Jamaica.

Now, Heartbeat Records celebrates Dodd and 50 years of Jamaican music with an extensive series, releasing multiple Studio One titles throughout the coming year. The first installment begins January 24 with three releases: The Best of Studio One, Full Up: More Hits from Studio One and Downbeat the Ruler: Killer Instrumentals from Studio One, followed by Bob Marley and the Wailers, One Love at Studio One on February 28. Heartbeat will release 1-3 Studio One titles each month, capping off with an extensive Wailers box set next fall. A list of forthcoming releases is below. All titles have been fully remastered from the original Studio One recordings and include rare tracks (some previously unreleased on CD), while some include new liner notes.

Says Heartbeat Records VP of A&R Chris Wilson, "I'm very excited about the relaunch of the Studio One catalog on Heartbeat Records, not only because I think it's a great testimony to the legacy of Clement S. Dodd – but also because it enables me to improve the sound quality of these original releases and add extra tracks, making them more like I envisioned them 25 years ago."

Forthcoming Studio One Releases:

Various Artists
The Best of Studio One

Heartbeat 11661-7801-2
Street Date: January 24, 2006
First released over 20 years ago, this album is newly remastered from the original master tapes with six additional tracks.

Track Listing:
"A Love I Can Feel" - John Holt*
"Music Like Dirt" - The Lyrics*
"Baby Why" - The Cables
"Can I Change My Mind"- Alton Ellis
"Just Another Girl" - Ken Boothe*
"The Answer" - Lone Ranger*
"Oh Mr. D.C." - Sugar Minott
"Jah Promise" - Johnny Osbourne
"Declaration of Rights" - The Abyssinians*
"Roots Natty" - The Gladiators**
"Rub A Dub Style" - Michigan and Smiley
"Party Time" - The Heptones
"Throw Me Corn" - Larry Marshall
"Melody Life" - Marcia Griffiths
"Born to Love" - Slim Smith
"My Last Love" - The Termites
"Rastifari Tell You" - Judah Tafari Eskender
"Row Fisherman Row" (extended mix) - Wailing Souls
*extra track
**extra track, previously unreleased on CD

Various Artists
Full Up: More Hits from Studio One

Heartbeat 11661-7802-2
Street Date: January 24, 2006
This album is a companion to the Best of Studio One, and continues to showcase the varied career of Jamaica's legendary producer Clement S. Dodd. Starting in the Ska era of the early Sixties, through the Rock Steady period (late '60s), right up until the present day, Dodd's Studio One label has remained the principal force formulating popular ideas of, and within, Jamaican music. Influential producers, like Dodd – "Coxsone" as he was popularly known – are important primarily because they have captured in their records something a society needs to express. These Studio One tracks are no exception. They are not only examples of great performances in their own right, but also embrace the cultural themes that comprise the Jamaican experience. Because of this, the Jamaican public – even today – responds enthusiastically to the hits Dodd recorded over a 50-year span. Even the uninitiated can enjoy in these tracks the legacy that makes the Studio One label so important in the history of Reggae. Full Up: Best of Studio One is fully remastered from the master tapes, and includes six extra tracks, some previously unreleased on CD.

Track Listing:
"Love Me Forever" - Carlton & the Shoes
"Always Together" - Bob Andy & Marcia Griffiths*
"What Kind of World" - The Cables*
"Mister Fixit" - Winston Francis**
"Danger in Your Eyes" - Don Evans and The Paragons
"Rougher Yet" - Slim Smith*
"Love Bump" - Lone Ranger
"Armagideon Time" - Willie Williams
"Full Up" - Sound Dimension
"Behold the Land" - Culture
"First Cut Is the Deepest" - Norma Frazer
"Look Who Is Back Again" - Delroy Wilson & Slim Smith
"Open the Gate" - The Ethiopians
"Fire Down Below" - Burning Spear*
"Pick Up the Pieces" - The Royals**
"Desperate Lover" - Bob Andy
"I Don't Want to See You Cry" - John Holt
"Big Mistake" - The Bassies

*extra track
**extra track, previously unreleased on CD

Various Artists
Downbeat the Ruler: Killer Instrumentals from Studio One

Heartbeat 11661-7803-2
Street Date: January 24, 2006
No other producer in Jamaica can ever claim the legacy, or challenge the supremacy of Clement "Coxsone" Dodd's Studio One label. For over 50 years until his recent death, Dodd ruled over the Jamaican music scene by the very force of his personality, and by the breadth of his musical accomplishments. Downbeat the Ruler is filled with the instrumentals that galvanized the public, and brought the label to the top of its popularity. These are Studio One's most popular rhythms. Since their initial release and rediscovery, they've inspired literally hundreds of hit reggae versions.

Track Listing:
"Rockfort Rock" - Sound Dimension
"Real Rock" - Sound Dimension
"Swing Easy" - Soul Vendors*
"Mojo Rock Steady" - Sound Dimension*
"Heavy Rock" - Sound Dimension
"Freak Out" - Jackie Mittoo
"Tunnel One" - Tommy McCook
"Moon Ride" - Brentford Road All Stars*
"Race Track" - Brentford Road All Stars
"Throw Me Corn" - Brentford Road All Stars**
"Baby Face" - Sound Dimension
"Love Again" - Jackie And The Invaders*
"Darker Shade of Black" - Soul Vendors**
"Banana Walk" - Dub Specialist
"Heavy Beat" - Sound Dimension*
"Return of the Scorcher" - The Sound Dimension**
"Popcorn Reggae" - Soul Agent and The Soul Defenders**
"Death in the Arena" - Soul Vendors
*extra track
**extra track, previously unreleased on CD

Bob Marley and the Wailers
One Love at Studio One

Heartbeat 116 617 819-2
Street Date: February 28, 2006
When the "rude boys" gathered at Studio One on Brentford Road in Kingston, the acknowledged leaders were the Wailers. The youthful Bob Marley, Bunny Wailer and Peter Tosh generated an enthusiasm which was one of the cornerstones of the Ska era, and in these early days they laid the foundation for one of the greatest musical legacies the world has ever known. This album contains the first chronological survey of Bob Marley and the Wailers recordings made at Studio One. The forty songs on this collection include the cream of their Studio One output as well as previously unreleased alternate takes and rare Jamaican singles sides. In most cases this material is taken from the original session tapes and is presented without the overdubs found on other collections of this material.
The in-depth liner notes, culled from hundreds of hours of interviews by Wailers authorities Roger Steffens and Leroy Jodie Pierson, pieced together with the Wailers formative years at Studio One, and the music, make this the definitive Studio One Wailers collection.

Track Listing:
"This Train" (previously unreleased), "Simmer Down," "I Am Going Home," "Do You Remember," "Mr. Talkative," "Habits," "Amen," "Go Jimmy Go," "Teenager In Love," "I Need You," "It Hurts To Be Alone" (previously unreleased alternate take), "True Confession" (previously unreleased), "Lonesome Feelings," "There She Goes," "Diamond Baby," "Playboy" (previously unreleased alternate take), "Where's the Girl for Me," "Hooligan Ska," "One Love," "Love and Affection," "Tell Them Lord," "And I Love Her" (previously unreleased alternate take), "Rude Boy," "I'm Still Waiting," "Ska Jerk," "Somewhere to Lay My Head," "Wages of Love" rehearsal (previously unreleased), "Wages of Love," "I'm Gonna Put It On" (previously unreleased alternate take), "Cry to Me," "Jailhouse," "Sinner Man" (previously unreleased alternate take), "He Who Feels It Knows It," "Let Him Go," "When the Well Runs Dry," "Can't You See," "What Am I Supposed to Do," "Rolling Stone," "Bend Down Low," "Freedom Time," "Rocking Steady" (previously unreleased alternate take)

Other forthcoming titles:
Ska Bonanza: The Studio One Ska Years
Delroy Wilson, Alton Ellis, Freddie McGregor
Box Set: The Best of Studio One, Full Up: More Hits from Studio One and Downbeat the Ruler: Killer Instrumentals from Studio One, plus a disc of rarities
John Holt, Respect to Studio One
Heptones, Dub album
Dennis Alcapone, Lone Ranger
Don Drummond, Reggaee Christmas from Studio One
Wailers Box Set